Friends or Indian families living in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

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I am from India, recently moved to Shabia -12 Mussafah, Abu Dhabi with my husband. Looking for some Indian people to get in touch with as I do not have a job right now and in search of one. Interested if there are any kind of time pass classes or activities as i get very bored sitting inside the house whole day.


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Here is a list of indian people living in Abu Dhabi, perhaps could you get in touch with them.



hi are you interesting in indoor games so i can join you some time. it is depend when ever i will be in abudhabi. contact me if you are interesting.  :idontagree:

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Hello Anitha, there are lots of families in Mussafah.. You can just go for an evening walk and you will find lots of Indians & their children playing outside.. I am also from India :)

i need good female married friend am alone in this country i recently married and i feel loneliness coz i still nt have friend to share my life and hear from her :(
i need good , respectful one no matter if she is arab like me or  indian ( my husband is indian )
i live in Mohamad ben zayed . am 26 years old

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hi anitha
i live in musaffah ,shabia 10 , there iare soem yoga clases happening  in and around musaffah, though i never attended one , if you are planning to go for job , that would be an excellent  option as  you are bored at home

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hai sarath from kerala. working in mussafah . iam cool and friendly

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