Vodafone network in malaysia

Hi all.

I will be moving to Malaysia next year. I would like to know whether Vodafone mobile operator is available in Malaysia.

AS i am using Vodafone in India and i would like to preserve this mobile nos as spare in Malaysia.

vodafone is not available however if you are on international roaming celcom network will work.
I guess you will have to pay 150 rs pm for international roaming.

thanks for the informations  :)

Sorry guy,

there is no Vodafone network in Malaysia



Nope. No Vodafone network in Malaysia.  I'm local

I use for international calls - a OTT service, which works actually better for international calls than local mobiles and it is 10 times cheaper. What are you guys using - I mean beside the free services like Whatsapp and Skype, where you depend that the otherside is online too.

So no network fr vodafone in malaysia??

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