Best international schools in the KAEC or Jedda area?

Are there any International schools in KAEC or Jedda area for Kindergarten  to grade 9?
which are the best and what is the price range.


there is a American International School in Jeddah near to Sierra Compound there are good if you want a US Based Education, and there is the British International School bysite from Al Basateen Compound.
For the BISJ there have the price list on the website.

There is also Jeddah Prep & Grammar (british curriculum) both it at American School have their tuition & fee scales online.  &

All 3 (Conti, Jeddah Prep, & American) are the most western schools. All are also quite expensive so you might insist on school tuition and fees being paid for by the company. These are also the only 3 schools (I believe) in Jeddah that do not segregate by gender. Most schools will segregate at around age 6.

Thanks for your response,  i just found that, we'll be staying in KAEC so option is limited to that area.
I found only one international school called the World Academy, its in KAEC but was hoping there are others to compare with.
This seems to be the only International school and thus can't do any comparison.

If you are Arabic you will suit The Saudi international in Kaec. It's segregated from grade 4.

Thank you very much for your response.....that's really good to know.

My daughter presently teaches at TWA (GEMS School) in KAEC. She has been there for 2 years.

She is away in Canada on her summer holiday now and will only be back by August for the new semester. She claims its a great school for both locals and expat kids. She used to teach at Manarat International School in Riyadh before.

I have 20 years experience in education and management. I suggest you look in Jeddah . Please look on international school review forums .

Good luck!

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