british curriculum school with islamic studies

Any good school with British curriculum and Islamic studies in Jeddah?? know there r mushrooms of international schools but I am looking for a school with good standard.

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Hi, I also need to know of good standard British and Islamic schools in Jeddah. I will be moving there soon, as I have got an job as an English Teacher. I have three kids, a 2 year old, 4 year old and a 7 year old. Any good nursery/schools for them?

Al Waha
Al Wadi
Pakistan International School (they produce some of the best results in the world on GCSE and A-levels)
Bangladesh International School
Manarat School

I would recommend PISJ.

There are also 2 Western-managed British curriculum schools.  They have great facilities for students and offer good education, but they don't have Islamic studies.  For decades they were exempt from having to offer Islamic studies or Arabic by the Ministry of Education.  However, the MOE compelled them to start offering those subjects to all students a few years ago.  So now, they offer something called as "Local and Cultural Studies" which is like a basic introduction to Islam as an academic subject, along with bits about the culture, history, and geography of Saudi Arabia.  They also offer Arabic now, but it is at a very basic level, as a big percentage of the students in those schools are not Arabic speakers.  In case you are interested.

British International School of Jeddah, aka, The Continental School
Jeddah Preparatory and Grammar School

Most of the schools I have listed have websites also, so you can google them.  You should also google for lists of international schools in Jeddah for more options.

Note: those are the only schools where you will find British-trained teachers, and most are British also.  The other schools I listed have a mix of unqualified (but experienced) teachers and teachers who qualified in their own countries, such as Pakistan, India, Arab countries, etc.

In case any of you is interested in Montessori education, there is one Montessori school in Jeddah, and it also has qualified Montessori teachers.  It is called Ambassadors School.  My daughter went there for 2 years, from the age of 2.5.  We couldn't have been happier.  They also have Arabic and Islamic studies.  It has a website also, google for it.

What is the fee structure for these schools you mentioned including ambassador please

Dear sir

Pakistan International School  of Jeddah accepts only those with Pakistani citizenship!


I am sorry to say forget looking for a good school with British curriculum and Islamic studies in Jeddah!

Even finding just a good school is incredibly difficult here! I know Trapezius has mentioned some schools and i am sure people will also say that the two British schools are some of the best in Jeddah. Unfortunately i think you will find that they do not come anywhere close to what we have become accustomed to in the UK.

For me this is the one issue which makes me question how long I can stay in Jeddah, and the reason why many of my colleagues stay here why there family lives back in the UK.

I dont know why this issue hasnt been addressed as so many people from the UK want exactly what you are looking for; a good school with British curriculum and Islamic studies!

Be prepared while Prep and Conti are considered to have the best education the standards here are low so it will be lower than what you have in the UK and schools which offer Islamic Studies are of even lower standard but at least they will get exposed to Arabic and have Islamic studies.  If you want an English school with Islamic Studies you should try AGS although the school is under a huge transition to the British system but at least they are English based with religion taken somewhat seriously for an international school and the student body is somewhat more diverse than the other "good" English/Religious school with relatively nice facilities.  But come with loads of books to help keep your kids up to the standards you are used to and let them focus on the Arabic and religion in school.  By the way a warning your kids will not learn proper tajweed nor tarteel in the school unless they get lucky with a good teacher so plan on putting them in Quran class after school or getting a teacher for them.  Islamic studies they will get from a Saudi perspective.  The education here no matter where you go is poor and biased. Sorry so negative.

why don't we start a good school in Jeddah
Quran, English, Science and Maths school

I would love to be part of that.  However I have no idea how to do this administratively. 

My kids go to PISJ-es.   We are ok with this school compared with the options.  My husband has dual citizenship (American/Pakistani)   otherwise we would perhaps not be able to enroll the kids (that is what I have heard).

Asalaam alakum
Could you please recommend any good school with british ciriculum and islamic studies

You should look for a school on this website:

Manarat Int. Schools

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