How to learn Arabic in the shortest time in Jeddah

Hi, I have just moved into Jeddah KSA a few weeks ago. I am from Nigeria and can only Speak English and My native Language. It is however very excruciating trying to converse with people during daily activities ranging from cab drivers to local stores and even colleagues...

Please advise on the quickest and cheapest way to learn Arabic. Are there any books or videos or perhaps classes during the weekend? Would like to know options and cost Thank you

I speak Arabic courses are sometime offered for fee (need to google) or the jeddah cultural center often has free classes.

Also check a app called Duolingo. Not sure if it has Arabic or not.

Thanks for the info

Hello oelemide :cheers:

You may want to check out adverts from tutors proposing classes to learn Arabic quickly:

> Language classes in Jeddah


Thanks Kenjee

I recommend you hire a private tutor

Any contact details of private tutor?


Learn with maha (or maya, not so sure) believed to be one easy fun way to earn Arabic also..... (the best part) the cultures, foods, ethics

I Know right? Jackpot!

Learn Arabic With Maha classes on Youtube is also a good way to start learning basiscs.

Thank you

Thank you :)

You might find this website to learn online very useful:

[link moderated]

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try looking up on google for "nassra arabic method"

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