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Hello guys! Currently, we are in rabigh city and thinking of moving to Jeddah to send our daughters (6 yrs old and 3 yrs old) to the best schools in Jeddah, preferably, with British or American curriculum. Can anyone suggest a good school for them?...I have heard about Coral International School with a reasonable tuition fee. I don't know though the quality of education. My other friends suggested Jeddah Prep and Grammar School, Jeddah Knowledge International School or British International School. But the tuition fees are too pricey and you have to pay for initial registration fees of more than 10,000 riyals per kid. I am really confused. Please, help.

Well, the tuition prices are really expensive if you wish to send your kids to the British International School for example. However, I can assure you they are going to have a good education (the same goes for the American School in Jeddah). Now, I am not fully aware of the prices for 6yrs old and 3yrs old, but I am a high school student (IB Diploma Programme) and the tuition is very expensive in the British school. I have heard good things about the Grammar School and the Jeddah Prep! But I do not know how much they charge per year and if it is good or not.

Part of the reason Conti, AISJ, and Jeddah prep have high fees is due to the fact that all teaching staff is required to have teacher certifications.  Where as many other international schools do not make this requirement on all teachers.

The fees are insane, but your children will get quality educations and be taught by teachers who have been trained to teach them at their particular levels.

Is it easy to get  through the above mentioned schools?

I'm in jeddah prep and its not that hard to get through the exams and highly recommend you come to jeddah. The education in conti and aisj is really bad

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