Notary Public in Jubail

hello guys! where in jubail there is notary public to certify documents? and how much? please post address and contact number...thanks


I googled it for you.... hope the link will work [broken link]

The British Consulate has a list of English speaking solicitors they recommend. You can search

There aren't any in Jubail, but I recommend:

Abdulaziz Alasaf & Partners Law Firm, SUMO Tower, 6th Floor, Prince Turkey Street, Al Khobar.
Telephone 00966 (012) 275 8880

Press 0 and ask for the British solicitor.

thank you sir....I will try that...

Hello esjubail,

You may as well recommend your contact in the Jubail Business Directory of the website under Legal services in Jubail section. This will surely help members looking for this type of professional in Jubail.

Thanks in advance,
Bhavna  :)

I would like to ask from your good office regarding with special power of atorney (SPA) i have plan to have a loan for my house and lot in the bank in my province, but they are asking for the said SPA, from where can i have this notary in jubail. Kindly give me schedule.

So please advise.

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