New in Hanoi from US seeking friends - im staying in Old Quarters

Hi everyone!

I'm new in Hanoi.  It's been gloomy and rainy everyday of my 1 week stay.
Are there any thing fun to do in this depressing weather?

I'm from the US, and open to meeting new friends for coffee, beer, or any social activities.
Currently, I'm staying in Old Quarters.

Anyone, interested in a language exchange?  You teach me Vietnamese, I teach you English.  No, I'm not an English teacher, but I have some free time.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!  Take care!


Hello Vincent

Your thread has been moved to Hanoi Forum and your title changed to increase chances of response.

I suggest you drop an advert in our Language Exchange in Hanoi it might prove helpful

Kenjee Team

Im vietnamese
nice to meet u :)

Hi there
I hope you will review this threat again
Cause with ur quesion and without contact info attach, for a expat have long time living in hanoi want to share with u is hard :)))
Anyway to make it easy to setup a walk trip around this city where you can find interesting things . At least send me a text , let me know you read this
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Please add my Skype: daodinh.tam to talk. Tks!

Hi Vincent, my skype is quantrv91, nice to meet you, I like beer and caffee very much. I hope we can talk and become good friends :)

Vincent, welcome to Vietnam.
I'm an officer working in the Old Quarter 5,5 days/week so I guess It's kinda convenient for us to arrange a quick meet haha.
Just kidding. I'm very fond of meeting, chatting and coffeeing.
Contact me if you're interested!
My skype ID: buitueanh

Thanks and best regards

Hi there. Imma local here in Hanoi. That language exchange thingie sounds just great. We may hang out sometimes for a coffee something if you are interested. ^^

Hi Imma,

Thanks for your email.
Let's have coffee.
What's your phone?
Do you use viber?


dear new friend from US
would love to show you around Ha Noi city soon. I live close to Ha Noi city but I usually travel to Ha Noi city on Sunday., would love to have time to visit you in Hanoi

Hello Vincent!
I'm Vân Hiền
We are languege exchange and help each other learn good more than about two language: vietnamese & english :)

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Dear friend, I am too late to reply you this letter.
I am so happy to send you my contact.
Thank you and hope to get in touch with you

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