Student Driving License (Tasreeh)

Salam, i have recently made my student driving license a.k.a Tasreeh, my question is, can i drive a car alone or do i need an experienced driver besides me.

yes u can alone.
Enjoy but no drifting pliz!!

How old are you my friend? Where and how did you that? :)

Hi how do i get students licence in jeddah i am 14 years oldd

Brother I am 15 year old I heard  there is student license but it is temporary is there licences at this age
Thank you

I am 16 years old can i get a tasreeh or student liscene? ? 😊

Hey,DId u drive an automatic or a manual in your driving test,I only learnt in automatic and the racist people here in the south say that automatic is only for the nationals.Want to know about your experience in jeddah.

how did u get it. i need help in getting student licence, i am 15 years old

Ghummam Ahmed :

how did u get it. i need help in getting student licence, i am 15 years old

As long as your 17 Hijri, it's all good (Check the other driving license post in this forum (Jeddah section, you'll find a lot of useful replies there)

@Azeazel 05 February 2017 21:13:18

There is no such thing for national only get to choose automatic.
In fact everyone is have to choose between automatic and manual.
I would suggest go for automatic because it easy and they don't mention on your driving license that you have given your test in automatic or manual.

I am currently 16 years but in hijri i am 17 so will I get a student driving licence and also my friend got students licence last month and he said me that if ur age 8s 17 in hijri u can get it..

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