Jeddah to Egypt Ferry?

I have searched everywhere to get information about this ferry service.  Any advice about prices, schedules, etc will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

There is a ferry from Dyba (if I put it correct) to Hurghada - that I know for sure. The ticket from H-D is about 100 usd, As for the schedule  - every day except one of the weekend (don't remember, Friday may be). If you really need  more details I can look for  tel of the company that is based in Hurghada. Heard that there is a ferry from Jeddah to Sharm, but have no details.

Thank you - I will search that one.

However, I still cannot find anything for Jeddah.


Sorry to arrive at this time but is it possible to go from Saudi to Egypt then? Because doing the search now and I seem to hit a dead end...

thank you

I've also been looking into this with no luck...can someone please help?


I could be wrong about this, but: I searched for the ferry a year or two ago and also couldn't find anything about it even though I had heard about it. As far as I know, after the major sinking of the ferry a few years ago, the route was cancelled, becasue Egypt and Saudi couldn't reach a consensus on safety regulations. That's what I was told, anyway. Since the sinking, though, the route has been discontinued.

If someone is still interested I found this link:

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