Driving license for expatriates who went on exit / sponsor change

I was in Riyadh, i went on exit and came back to Jeddah. Here i post what i did to renew my driving license from Jeddah Dallah driving school.
1) Original New Iqama + Photo copy
2) Old driving license ( My case the driving license was not expired)
3) 3 Passport Size photo ( Better to keep more with you)
4) Pay money through bank for driving license.( Beware agents are charging 460+ for 10 years renewal at the Dallah driving school gate)
5) Try to avoid the brokers at the Driving school gate
6) Staple your 2 photos at each end of the Iqama copy
7) Also staple your old driving license at the centre
8) Go directly to Dallah driving school which is in Falastin road
9) Get the form from inside the driving school, dont waste your time with brokers
10) Now get the help from someone at outside.. max 10 SAR for writing your details in the form in arabic
11) At the time of getting form, they will give the token with number.
12) Medical
13) Then to police..he will check and asked you to go other counter where they will check your records.
14) Make sure your both iqama number is not having any fine. Coz it was strange that my old iqama was having 500 SAR fine... i dont know how they issued exit to me. But i'm sure by the time exit no fine was there.
16) The guy in the counter will issue one printed paper to get signature from police.
17) once you get the police signature..submit it again..
18) Within half an hour Inshallah you will get your license.
19) Try to go as early as possible like before 9 am.

Hi mizamelodious,

Thank you for this sharing of information! :)


Very thanks for your information.
So no need to have a introductory letter from new company, right???

My license still avtivexists in two years

Hi.. i would like to ask only about may license, im proceaaing my old license to change  sponsor. my license i have is forklift and this license is belong to my previous company.and i exit and apply for new company. when i process my old license tje dahla told me to go back in my previous workplace to change my sponsor in my license to become the no. of my new iquama. i dont know why they inform me to go back in rabigh to check in muror rabigh.and to ask tjre to vhange my license.what is the difference why should i go rabigh

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