looking for house for rent

hello, I am Ecil. My fiancee and I were new her in Davao. We are looking for house for rent. If somebody know some house for rent please inform me.

Thank you.

Hello Ecil

So as to increase your chances to find a nice rental, I invite you to drop in an advert in our Housing in Davao section of the site.

Kenjee Team

Hi Ecil,

You may ask CS Davao group here.

They are locals so they know well about the place. You may find friends there as well.

Last time when I posted my ad there, I got lots of advices.

best advise i can give you is to meet up with other expats in Davao and ask them,also ask local family or frends ,wen i came here my wife's aunty had aranged a nice house for us costed only 6000 peso a month ,but i dont like city life so we moved out of the city to a place close to the beach so i coold go swimming and fishing every day haha.
greets Dirk

Hi you might interested I have a property in Cebu is for rent well maintained and all you have to bring is your clothes. If you wanted a housekeeper I have a house keeper that welling to help you. My house is well maintained garden and I h ave a gardener too.. :-)

Its a lot of house for rent in davao you can check online, you can try to check part of cabantian they have nice subd there to

we are looking to rent a house and lot in or around Mati city , Davao Oriental , close to the beach,prefferance for house outside the city

if your only looking for Cebu.. all you asked is a type of My property :-)

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there i am lucky 1.5 to the see chore
but the housing is stil very poor some changes need be made

I got a house in Deca  homes  Mintal if you are interested... lots of white guys living there.... good price/month

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