Tagaytay year around apartment??

Looking for 2-Bdrm. Furnished/Unfurnished. Wi-Fi. Satellite TV and swimming pool. Will sign a years lease. Just outside of town would be considered.Will not be there until October 2016. Trying to get an idea of cost. Thank you.

woodenships11 :

Looking for 2-Bdrm. Furnished/Unfurnished. Wi-Fi. Satellite TV and swimming pool. Will sign a years lease. Just outside of town would be considered.Will not be there until October 2016. Trying to get an idea of cost. Thank you.

Please search/post an ad in the HOUSING section.

Romaniac Experts Team

Romaniac, sorry. I'm feeling my way here. Newbie. Thank you for steering me to the proper place.

No worries, glad to help  :cheers:

You may also contact a few of us that live in/near Tagaytay as you get closer to your move/travel date. There are many nice places here that are not listed on the internet but some may require a car for the best balance of location and conveyance. Regards

Thank you Calif-native. I think I successfully reposted this in the proper place....I think??  I'm a little lost navigating this site. I would just ask while I have you here could you just offer me a ballpark price on what I should be expected to pay? My thanks.

If you assume a location close to the rim where AC is not needed and not to new, it will range between P7.5 & 12K/month.  Add P3.5K for power/water and P3K for PLDT (if available) and you are set.  Take care.

What location are you planning to move in?

I will be moving to the Tagaytay area in October 2016. I'm getting a wealth of info from another site. Gated Community comes up a lot. Is security a big concern in the Tagaytay area??? I've heard I should be prepared to budget 15,000 P for rent and utilities. Thank you for your help.

@ Woodenships11,

There are many gated communities and sub-divisions here.  A person would be hard pressed to find one that was more than 50% complete.  Some even have unkept structures, guard posts and streets/lots that look as if the owners/association stopped caring years ago. In my opinion, seeking a place to live within those structures is overkill for the Tagaytay area. This is why I suggested this general area since it offers a good balance of security/location/weather.  If P15K is your budget, it is very doable with most areas here. If you want to live in the view areas (view of Taal) and have lux all around, that will not be a mere P15K/month, you can count on P25-50K/month. 

I have seen a few newer condo units with CCT status that a foreigner can buy but most are pricy and have very, very small rooms.  You must plan on taking your time and look around.  No need to feel pressured if you rent a hotel room and a car for 1-2 weeks as you look daily.  I hope this helps… best wishes.

woodenships11 :

Looking for 2-Bdrm. Furnished/Unfurnished. Wi-Fi. Satellite TV and swimming pool. Will sign a years lease. Just outside of town would be considered.Will not be there until October 2016. Trying to get an idea of cost. Thank you.

I see you have been given some prices so I will simply ask if you have considered the area surrounding Tagaytay which are also cool and close to Tagaytay proper such as:  Alfonso, Indang, Amadeo, Silang, Mendez and Laurel Batangas. 

Are you looking online for prospects?  Facebook also has some Tagaytay rentals, though I can't say if they're in your price range.

I can send a few links if needed.

Good Luck

Thanks again Calif-Native (used to live there---too rich for my blood) for all the info. Much appreciated. You have certainly given us grist for the mill. Not married to Tagaytay proper. Looking up on the immediate surrounding area.  Looking for Tagaytay Temperatures, and a swimming pool and Satellite TV/Internet. You've sure helped steer me in the right direction. "I'M over" finding THE PLACE on the Internet. Especially that far our (Oct. 2016) however this sure gives me lots of places to go take a looksee as you suggest when I finally land. I can't wait. Thanks again. Hope to meet you and buy you a tottie in appreciation. Cheers.

Thanks for taking the time TeeJay. This has been very helpful. Ive been given a good ballpark for what I'm looking for and now it's going to take getting there and doing some riding around. Some of the best places I have rented over time were not advertised. Old school. "For Rent" sign out front.

Thank you again. I'll look for TeeJay come October 2016.

Hi, my husband and I just bought a house in Lipa City area, specifically in Belair Residences Lipa. It's actually near Tagaytay, like an hour and a half drive. The place is conveniently located in the city. We are looking for expats to rent out the house since we are currently based in Singapore. You can reach me thru my email khristine_cusi[at] for further details about the house.

Hi Jackie,

My gal and I are here in Tagaytay holed up at Summit Ridge. We are aggressively seeking a p;lace. We got here yesterday and my phone has yet to be Filipino-ized..You could call Summit Ridge, lovely place and ask for James Rice #507. I'm looking for 7-months, impeccable references and a writing deadline hanging over my head. Love to hear from you as to what your place offers..

Thank you and

Best Regards,

James Rice

My parents have a vacation home in Tagaytay. It's at Tagaytay Country Homes 2, across Breakfast at Antonio's. Nice gated community with a clubhouse with a pool.  Try asking the guard or the clubhouse if they know of any houses for rent there. I think your options would be very limited if you want a house with a pool, as the weather in Tagaytay is relatively cool.

If you find a house to your liking, ask if there's a pressure tank. Last time we were there back in February 2016, water pressure was low, or non-existent, at certain times. So we had to take our showers at times with better water pressure. I'm not sure if water pressure has improved. (In the past, the area used to have good water pressure.)

Rent for houses in that area is PhP25k-50k (as Calif-Native had mentioned). If you find a house, with a pool, satellite TV and Wi-fi in that area or surrounding it for PhP15k / month, please share with us where you found it. Honestly, I don't think you would find one for that price.

I don't think you would find a rental for PhP15k for your requirements. Perhaps if you remove the "pool" requirement, then you might find one. If you want to take a dip once in a while, just find a subdivision with a well-maintained pool at their clubhouse.

There are costs to maintaining a home pool, (which is why I think a landlord will not rent out his house with a pool for just 15k). Just to mention a few . . . treatment (testing pH, chlorine, etc), skimming and vacuuming (you can pay someone to do it, or  you can do it yourself, but will take up your time), electricity for running the pumps for filter / vacuum, filter replacement. Then, there's a lot of really heavy rain here (sometimes accompanied by intense lightning storms), which messes up the pH balance and chlorine concentration.

Re-think the pool thing. Also, if you break something, even just a tile, your landlord might take a huge chunk off your deposit.

Are you living in Tagaytay? I mean the way you mentioned all surrounding areas you look quite familiar. Can you please tell me if there are enough Private/Public schools to choose from in close proximity for expats where mode of study is English & if possible any general idea of fee.
I don't want my kids to sit as an alien in a class where they don't know whats going around due to language barrier etc.   
An idea about the prices for a 2 bed apartment is what i got from posts....10K-15K..well i would surly like to have an option of staying below 10K yet with basic facilities and near schools for sure.

in your HOUSING section.. there are ZERO 'for rent' flats or homes..  i don't blame him for posting here..  no one is listing any information about 'rent costs' in Davao in the Housing area.

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