I look for an apartment in Davao. help!

Hello friends, I'm thinking to live in Davao but before I'd like to visit Davao for some short time. Do you know some apartment with kitchen in a good area? Or do you know some local web sistes where I can rent an apartment? Thanks

I live in davao,How long you plan to stay?  You can try to google it house for rent in davao, also have condos for rent with furniture already, do you have specific area in davao city yku want to live

Thanks a lot for you availability. I'd like to reach Davao for some times and then to consider the pros and cons of Davao. The first time I'd like to be in Davao for 20 days only. Therefore I will need a short rental furnished apartment. But I'd like to get it in a good area. Can you tell me what is a good area in davao. I like an area where I can meet a lot of pople. Maybe is a good area near a mall? But what is the name of it?

Well if you want less traffic, much better in lanang area near s.m lanang, but if you want to see a lot of expat, much better in other side of town like matina, maa area more hangout place too they have also mall there like Nccc Mall in maa and also s.m ecoland a little bit far, but more traffic in that area

A friend of mine who went there for some days only told me People's Park and Gmall are very good to meet peoples. In your opinion is lanang area near s.m lanang better than them?

Gmall is always a lot of people, so easy ti meet new people, a little bit traffic in that area, but its also good location too, if you are in lanang area 15 min driving going to gmall, bajada , jp laurel ave. Lanang is also good location,

Thanks dear, out of curiosity, traffic is not important for me, do you like more Gmall or  lanang area to meet many peoples?

PS: do you know a Davao web site where it is possible to rent furnished apartment for shor time (20 days)?

I like both,   if you plan to stay 20 days try airbnb

The last question please: is Lanang a mall? If it is a mall, is it bigger or smaller than Gmall?

If you are only planing on 20 drifters hotel lanang  owned by a pommie guy they got rooms where you can cook  and he rents motor bikes if you want...? It is a good place.. VERY SAFE in a subdivision. I live in the south part of  Davao...and went there 1 day to try his restraunt/pub Find his website and send him a email...i have lived in Davao 8 years and I know the good places...

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