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Warm Greetings to all from rainy old UK!

I may be moving to Riyadh in a month or so and was wondering if anyone has heard of martial arts classes, specifically aikido? Also, if there are restrictions women attending a dojo or is that a silly question! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Also my offer is via ICEAT to work at King Saud Uni. Any insights about this company would be appreciated.
: )


I've actually been looking around myself for a while for Aikido classes and came across one guy that is currently on leave and should be back within a month. Havent been yet though

Let me know if you get any info elsewhere


Hi there Heithem
Well, it's good to know there is someone with that passion in Riyadh ! I was in the Netherlands in February and it was very good to find a dojo close to my friends' house there.  Makes it a home from home so to speak.
Will share any info that I get.
All the best

there is shuryukan aikido in Riyadh. but mostly for guys, multi-ethnicity. there are martial arts gyms for women at the back of Jarir bookstore Olaya Street, others are usually done in the students residence.

Good morning to you manned
many thanks for your response. At this stage I am exploring what possibilities there are for the things I love to do... if and when I am in Riyadh.
Thanks a bunch for your info and wish you a good day
: )

Hey Mannyd

Can you please forward a contact number or address for the Aikido center ?


Heithem :

Hey Mannyd

Can you please forward a contact number or address for the Aikido center ?


ok. i'll get the number. but you can pm me for a meeting. while at it, please check our group PHIMACA Philippine Combat Aikido. The group teaches  Arnis, or Kali sticks other than Philippine type of aikido/jiujitsu.  Our group don't have an official Dojo, we practice in roof tops, around the riyadh area. members are from different ethnic backgrounds i.e. Nepal, Africa, Arabs etc. our practice is weekend nights along olaya and other areas. pm me if you want to meet.

sample practice video. search youtube.

there are other groups, you'lll find some kind of karate and tae kwon do in some gyms.

you learn these from PHIMACA in Saudi

Hi to All,
I just move to Riyadh. I am a certified instructor of Yoshinkan Aikido, a military style (or hard style) of aikido and one of the original aikido. In Aikido world, you only look for 2 original style either Aikikai or Yoshinkan. In fairness to the other aikido style, they arealso an aikido but with no basis especially during certification time.

I am propagating Yoshinkan Aikido here in Saudi Arabia and if you are interested and you want to enlist yourself to join me then please send me a txt message on my number 054 997 9418.

Also for those Aikido Club who wants to be certified please contact me for the process.

You can see my name listed in the Yoshinkan Head Quarters Japan website

Thank you very much.


Bernardo Soledad

Hey Bernardo

i've been looking for Aikido classes in RIyadh for a couple of months now and im interested in getting to know more about your classes

Have you found a place yet ?

I dont really have experience in Aikido but since i've got some extra time here in Riyadh, i would like to take the advantage. I have always worked out and try to keep fit !

Let me know any details you can provide at the moment

Looking forward to hearing from you and Welcome to the Sand pit :)


I am an Aikikai Aikido intructor. 2nd dan certified from Hombu Dojo Tokyo.

My mobile is 00966565906927.

Current classes are only for males.

Hello jd.salem and welcome on board

If you are proposing lesson, please drop in an advert in our session Sports classes in Riyadh

Kenjee Team

Akidio classes in Riyadh. Three hours once per week every Friday early morning for 150 SAR/ month.
I have practiced under 3 previous sensis and two shihans and in my humble opinion I believe Sensi Dani is the best I have taken lessons with mainly because I understand more from him as well as he emphasizes self-defense applications of the art which were always treated as secrets by my previous instructors.


Have you found an Akido instructer/place? I am keen to join a group & was wondering if they hv a place for ladies & younger girls.

Warm Regards,


Am interested in learning. Would you be willing to teach female students? An adult & 3 younger girls?

Please advice.

Warm Regards,

I shall speak to the sensi and see what he replies. I think it is going to have to be private becasue the regulations are too tight with regards to mixing of genders.
I shall have an answer for you by next Sunday.

Hi Suzie,
I'm in affiliated instructor from humbo dojo Japan,
I give classes in Platinum Fighter located on Exit 6, near to the police department.
Private classes are available upon request.

Let me know if you still interested.

Best regards / Pascal Salloum
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Thanks for the heads up. If space is a problem, can this be done at home? I do have a rooftop, but not sure if this is doable as we don't have mats set up.

Aikido Classes in Riyadh … iyadh.html

For kids classes you can contact Sensei Mohammad Elhout in FAL Compound @0562555529

Hi Suzie,
honestly matts / tatami are required for falling on the ground, however it can be solved temporary as I have my own  :cool: .

Regards / Pascal

Hi Suzi,

Sensi dani has to come and check the roof top. Is next Friday suitable around 11:00 - 11:30 a.m.

What's the fee like? Could you e-mail me at mssuzieadina[at]

Hello Pascal Salloum,

It would be greatly appreciated if you could post an ad in Sports classes in Riyadh.

This will ease our members' search if they are seeking for such service and can thus get in touch with you :)

Thanks & Regards


hello D.Sulaiman
I met sensei Dani before and trying to get his mobile number I need to contact him
                                                                                                                            Thank you

SMS me and I will return his number

Hi Mishna,
I posted already an ad  ;)

Dear Guyz,

Can I have the mobile number of Mr. Dani, i'm interested to learn Aikido.

SMS me and I will return his number

Message sent to inbox

Try Mr.Peter 0578064775 he is Dan aikido/aikikai, living in Riyadh

hey expat i know someone. his a kungfu master and his looking for a partime..

Hello everyone,
I've just checked there is nice Aikido dojo in Fal compund with professional instructors. They recently organized first international Aikido seminar in Riyadh with Japanese instructors from Hombu Dojo. I visited them couple of times, but because of work, I didn't join them. Their chief instructor speaks Japanese and he is recognized by Japanese Federation and Hombu dojo. I believe that they still have classes for kids, adults and females. I found them on FB (Ronin Dojo, Aikido Aikikai). They were friendly and replied to my questions with references. I'll join them next month, and I'll keep you updated :)

Maybe you can share the number to me brother... I am very interested to group with Aikikai. My tel: ***...

Thank you...

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Hi Dr.  Just want to know how can i contact this aikido instructor/sensie. Im interested

053 363 4462
Sensi Dani Bondoq

Thanks DR. Sulaiman

There is aikido dojo in Fal compound riyadh/ksa
For kids, adults and female

Are you still in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and are you looking for an instructor or are you an instructor ?
Because I'm looking for an martial art instructor?

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