Any Expats living in Quy Nhon-Cualquier expatriados viven en Quy Nhon?

Please feel free to contact me for meet-up. No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo para cumplir en marcha.
Kind regards - Buenos saludos :)

:D Hi,

I understand what you wrote but I am not living there.

Some fun words to end up a boring Tuesday!


Hi ! I'm Lee, I live in Quy Nhon. I can help everything for foriegner living there. Contact me when you need. ***. Nice to meet everybody !

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Si estoy viviendo all lado de el Porto y LA lago. soy irlandes, have mucho tiempo no era hablando espanol.


ENGLISH only please !!

Hi. this is senajit. I am an expat living in Quy Nhon for 7 past months. will you be free over the weekend for a meet up?

Hey,  I'm living and working in Quy Nhon and love it here. Drop me a PM and let's talk.

HI, I am a born and live in Quy Nhon. If you need help please contact me . I am willing to help you. Thanks

I will get back in a couple of weeks. All my expat friends here r long gone.  Anyone know the bia tuoi/ BBQ place near the lake? Tran cao van?

How is Quy Nhon as a place to live? Got a job offer there recently and sounds nice.

I just moved to Quy Nhon and I'll be here until the end of January. Is there anybody who wants to meet up to share a drink or dinner together?

@TheCrabCrib I've been here for just one week so far, but it seems a very nice place to live if you don't mind the lack of foreigners. The people are great and you are not approached as a tourist all the time.


That's cool to know but for better or worse have found myself working in Saigon now!

AVOID B. B. C.. just saw her over-charging foreigners yet AGAIN. They r famous for overcharging, padding bills, short-changing AND OUTRIGHT STEALING FROM FOREIGN "GUESTS"

Hi there,

I know this is an old thread but I was curious. I'd like to visit there in December but trying to find out what the weather is like in Quy Nhon at that time? Could you give me an idea? Is it sunny and reasonably warm or cold and wet? What was it like throughout winter when you were there?

Much obliged,


It should be very pleasant weather, warm days, cool evenings and the odd rain shower. As always, check on the internet once you arrive in VN.

The only month you should avoid is October. Other than that you are in the clear weather wise.

Do those of you living or have lined in Quy  N know if it is expensive/inexpensive to buy a house there?

Thank you

Quy Nhon is getting quite expensive.  I bought land and built a house here two years ago and the value has tripled since then. As a foreigner you can't buy land,  but you can buy an apartment. I just saw an older 3br apartment for 1.7 billion VND and you can buy a brand new one bedroom for about the same price.

If you want to live 20-30 minutes outside of the city it's a lot cheaper but also significantly less amenities.

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