Looking for Sports Center for Table Tennis and Playmate in Jubail

Dear Sirs who loves table tennis.

I'm looking for the place of paying table tennis in Jubail and friends who can play with me in Jubail.

I found table tennis club, JTTA in which may ping-pong lovin people had played before. However, I couldn't contact any member of JTTA(Jubail Table Tennis Association).
I'm sure there are still many player in Jubail now. If you know the place where I can meet the paying partner, please let me know.

I've just arrived last week from Korea for business and will stay several months in Jubail.

Thank you in advace.

George Koo

Do you mean "Intercontinental Sports Centre in Hotel?"

If then, thanks for your information.

I am a member of JTTA.  Please call me at 0506871154. We can play in the evening.

Hello Everyone.....

Please inform the place to play table tennis.

Now days i am going to Jubail sports club for the execise however no any information about TT there.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi bmahida,

I want to join Jubail sports club for exercise. Can you guide me the procedure and membership fee?
Is there any Badmintton court there in Jubail sports club?

Sohail Afzal


Gym Timing :   Remain open for all week days from evening 4:00 PM onwards.(Gym will be closed for around 20 minutes during prayer time)

Membership:  Procedure will take only 5 minutes.Trainer will update your details in his computer and will click your picture at the same time to upload in the system.

Charges: Monthly charges is 250SAR.

Badmintton court : Best of my knowledge there is no any badmintton court and table tennis in jubail sports club.However I will inform in case of availability of active badmintton court in jubail sports club.

Hope this is helpfull,

Bhavesh Mahida

Hi Guys,

I am new here in Jubail as well. If anyone interested in playing table tennis count me in, just let me know the place and time and ill join you guys.

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