CrossFit? BJJ? MMA? Martial Arts / Combat Sports?

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum and to KSA in general.  I'm still in my home country of Korea but I will be in Jubail next week for the next 6 months.  I was wondering if there are any places/gyms to do either crossfit, bjj (brazilian jiu jitsu), mma (mixed martial arts), or martial arts in general? 

Thanks in advance everyone!

Yes there's placed but unfortunately  is not like Korea
There's teakownedo class in jail gym ,- also i am training  for period  so if u like joint
Just ask on Jubail gym in Jubail city

ahh, taekwondo is not what i'm looking for, but thanks for the tip!

Hello my bro and welcome 2 saudi arabia i am saudi and am living in jubail, there is no Bjj gym in jubail city ..

but u can find a good bjj gym in khobar city and f u want 2 know how far is khbar from jubail  90 K.M almost

I am white belt in Bjj gracie barra and i got black belt in jeet combat (mixed martial arts ) i learn many martial arts like arnis - karate kyukhinkai and kung fu combat but 2 be honest with you nothing like BJJ And MMA its a real deal and usefull, i have group learning Bjj in jubail but not in a gym its outdoor .. in jubail( kornish )beach  .. u r welcome f u want join us .. peace

Meet combat
Is it like wing chun .?

Yeah But there is Differences ..

So, you already know Ipman
Anyway i hope to join to yours with your team
I live i n Jubail city

hey hi I am new to Jubail I was living in china for the past 5 years there I learned taekwondo and wanted to continue it but I cant since I coming to Jubail so does anyone know where I can continue my training

Yes You Can ..

Go 2 Jubail Sport Club At Jubail Town

Good Teacher and good Gym

Good luck Bro

Just Keep it Up And Never Stop Guys and Love Martial arts

I Got Small Garage I Fix and Change it 2 A Small Dojo
Any Want To Join Me Welcome ,,
Near From Small Panda ,, Aldhakil Almahdud ,,

Oss .!

I Got a Blue Belt Promotion from Master ( Assu Harvard)

Hi bro, my name is fabio, and i'm in saudi for an engineering project.
I will stay for one month here.
I'm martial art pratictioner (studied wing chun 6 years, kali/escrima/arnis and qwan ki do)
i'm interested to find someone who want to share information and practice
if you are interested plaese contact me


hi...i have been interested in martial arts  and had done in past for couple of months...where exactly and at what time on jubail kornish these training sessions are can i contact u if you are training to get details...

hey fabio...did u find any center yet for training...?i know a place but my timings there are not compatable...if u could be my partner we can take personal training from the coach...all i need is a partner

I am in town for work and am looking for lessons in Boxing or Martial Arts.  Any thoughts would be appreciated,

Hello there,

You are more than welcome to train with me.
I have some background in Wing Chun kung fu , Shaolin Kung Fu, Krav Maga & boxing.

Have you ever trained in any of these above or do you have any experience in martial arts ?


hey even i want to join the training .. can u email or message me your number to contact you .. i did martial arts ttraining for 3 months before but my teacher is a professional and train international level students and doesnt have time for ametures so kindly help
-dr mubeen

Hoping you find gym , if yes plz share it with me
bz i am so interested to do exercise

If there is anyone serious to be trained, let me know !

I'm ready to train anyone.


sure i am interested !!!! how can i contact you

To whom who are interested to be trained. Pls send me your mobile number and I will get in touch with you soon.

Anybody do any fighting training in Khobar?


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Hi folks, there's a group of superb youngsters doing calisthenics, street workout, cross-fit and various outdoor training in Fanateer Corniche close to Sabic Building. They're training regularly, the leader of the group was a formally trained and certified personal trainer.

Check them out if you are looking for a workout group (outdoor workout, non-gym).

@ Th-legend  xxx

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when do u guys practise please give me ur contact so that i can join

Time and contact no

Hello everyone,

@ Naushad Ali bava, whose time and contact no,please ?

Some members of this thread are no longer on the website, although their posts are still here. Better you rather drop a free advert in the Jubail classifieds section under the Sport classes category detailing what you are looking for.

All the best

Small Panda Where? I am a beginner and I dont have any idea of martial arts and I didnt have a chance for it, if you can provide me the details I would love to join.


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Do u still train?

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