Medical Test and Heart Surgery

I had a heart surgery 18yrs back. Now I got married and my husband is working in OMAN.Is there any issue in getting Fit certificate from GAMCA?

Hi.. In logical medical terms, a heart surgery you had 18 years back should not make you unfit to travel/work/stay anywhere in the world, provided your heart functions normally at the moment. But the rules followed by GAMCA are rigid and different. It would be prudent to ask a doctor at a Gulf authorized medical center(whose list is availabe in the net) before registering at GAMCA.

I had a heart surgery 14yrs back .I got job in Kuwait.Is there any issue in getting Fit certificate from GAMCA?
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Hi Hasain,

The GAMCA tests are primarily to identify the communicable diseases, and more specifically the sexually transmitted ones.

The obvious intent is to safeguard and protect the citizens and the residents of the Sultanate from any new and unwarranted health attacks from outside.

Since yours is not a communicable condition, there is nothing for you to fret about.

I am speaking from the Sultanate's perspective, while you have inquired about Kuwait. (Though there should not be much of a difference between them both).

In any case, suggest you post your query under the Kuwait forum for more appropriate responses.

Thanks sir

Hi sir can u plz help me ,why close a shun visa center and when ll open?

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