Need urgent advices from Khobar expats

Good day to all expats,

I have been selected by one of well known company here in Khobar from Pakistan, now my visa is in process. I have one question in my mind which I wanted to know from expert expats from khobar, my question is:

Can I buy myself certain type of blood pressure and cardiac medicines from pharmacies in khobar without telling to my employer and insurance company or doctor prescription from there?

Actually I am heart patient, 6 years ago i have had one stent inserting into my lcx artery since then i am taking 4 different type of medications every day. I am medically fit and have no problem at all now if take medicines regularly. I have plan to bring 3 months medications course with me from Pakistan with doctor prescription, will i face any difficulty at airport in saudi?

I hope you suggest me best course of action and if there is any difficulty to getting in my medications from there please guide me in detail.

With profound regards.

1- You can buy BP & cardiac medicine easily from any pharmacy. They don't ask for the prescription usually. In case they do, show them the prescription you have from Pakistan.

2- With a prescription along, Airport guys won't bother.

One problem I foresee is: The medicine names here are (sometimes) different. You'll have to switch to alternates with similar compositions.

My advice: Please don't overlook the need of routine checkups with good doctors.

Thank you the legendleads for your advice. I'll see the alternates compositions if they do not match with my brands. One thing more, how much pharmacies there charge one month medicine say one box of beta blocker 28 tablets. If I have 5 different type of medications how much would they charge from me for a month of them.

Once again I really appreciate you update me knowledge.

Regards and TC.

Do you mean discounts on package deals on pharmacies?
No such idea exist here bro :)

Medicines (in fact everything related to healthcare) is expensive here. Thanks to the insurance companies who help many people survive financially.

I meant the discounts if someone get 4 or 5 different type of medications. Are there the charges fix for all types of medication or they charge price written on box of medicine? As you said you have no idea, it's all right. My basic concern was only the availability over the counter with out getting prescriptions from the doctor there which you cleared.

God bless you.

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