Best FEMALE gynecologist in Khobar

Hi everyone, are there any gynecologists that you can recommend in Khobar with most preferably a Western background or education? Unfortunately on the site of Saad I hardly see any females, and the ones that they have are all from surrounding countries. I want someone with a western background as they put more emphasis on natural births instead of grasping to C-sections all the time.

On Almana site they don't mention names at all. And Pro Care has only two or three docters it seems. If you have any names, please share them with us :).

Thank you.

No one who can answer? I went to Saad Hospital and worst experience ever. Everyone seemed depressed. And I went to a Sudanese lady because she studied in the UK but she was even worse.

Besides the fact that she sounded very arrogant, she couldnt do her work properly because - according to her - her system was too old (and it was - the computer screen was like 20 years old or something - and the machine to hear the heartbeat of the baby wasnt working properly also). Can you imagine a doctor telling you this? I will never ever go back to that sxxxx place.

i highly recommend Doctor Mohannad Hamershe, though he is a male doctor.
a very patient doctor and prefers normal delivery

Try and visit him at Al-Salama Hospital Al-Khobar
He is our trusted OB, we have been to Al-Mana but not satisfied.

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