chiropractor in Al Khobar?

Has anyone been to the chiropractor. In Saad hospital.or know of any other Chiropractor. In Al Khobar

I have a meeting with one of them (not sure if there are multiple or one) in couple of weeks.  What would you like to know?  Perhaps I can ask him.

Thank you .just to😋 know where they are from .are they any good ⁉ what do they cost

Well, from what I can tell from their CV, I think they only obtain US or Canadian chiropractors which means they are trained as primary physician.  Outside of North America, chiropractic training is bachelor level as where in US and Canada, it's doctorate.  So far all the CV's I've seen of Saad or any other chiropractors in Saudi were doctorate level.  It was other way around in UAE.  There are a lot of British or Australian chiropractors who have bachelor level education although there are scant few doctorate level guys.  You have to becareful though.  Those with bachelors claim they should be called doctors because North American counterparts are called doctors.  So make sure to check their actual degree.   The difference is that doctorate chiropractor training rivals or surpasses that of MD primary physician in depth and they are also trained to diagnose and manage cases as primary physicians in addition.

I practice chiropractic in Jeddah

Dr.Ghazi Nahle / Chiropractor

Thank you but I need east coast

gnahle :

I practice chiropractic in Jeddah

Dr.Ghazi Nahle / Chiropractor

You may register your services here : Chiropractors in Saudi Arabia

Thank you

I'm moving to Al Khobar in a couple of months. I've seen your post about chiropractors.
Did you try one of it? Is there a chiropractor you can recommend to me?
Where did you find their names and resumes?

Hi fedezani > this is an old topic, you might not receive any reply. You can start a new topic or view some contacts of Chiropractors in Saudi Arabia business directory. Thank you.

Hi Christine,
thanks a lot!


im sorry but have not managed to find a chiropracter in the area ,so if u arrive and find one please let me know.. good luck here in the area


Where is this chiropractor in Khobar. Did you have a name and number? Doea he apeak English? I really need a chiropractor.

Hi , I a new Chiropractor at  Alahsa Hospital  from Australia

How much it will cost me?

Sir can you your address.

have you found anyone ? please do message me .

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