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Hi - I know someone posted already about Biobolt(sp?) but I am looking for organically grown produce. Fruits and Veggies.
Are these found in Budapest in the local grocery stores or better yet is there 1 specialized shoppe that serves organic produce only?

Is there a big gap in price with what you saw b/t conventional produce and organic or not much of a difference?

If not in Budapest, how far out would I need to go for these? What district or towns would be available with farms for this?
Specifically, I am looking for carbohydrates that fall on an unrefined continuum: items I'm seeking:
berries, oranges, apples, melon, pears, bananas, califlower, broccoli, asparagus, sweet peppers, kale, sprouts, leafy greens and wheat grass. Starches like sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and beets. (which I know hungarians cannot live without :)

Lastly, is there an online board somewhere in Budapest that specializes in chat with those in the organic scene.

Of course a balanced, nutrient-rich 'clean food' diet is the foundation of a healthy body and mind.

Thx ~ B

About the price difference: yes, expect to pay 2-3 times normal price for organic. Instead of "organic" the keyword is "bio", equally abusive of the original meaning. (and equally funny when applied to salt :-) )

Where to find it in Budapest: No idea. You are inhaling more nasty stuff which then gets directly disolved into your blood than the amount of pestisides/herbicides/fertilizers you ingest into the chemical purgatory called your digestive tract, with multiple lines of defenses and selective absorbtion, and a trip straight to your liver... so why bother at all unless you live outside of the city?

For what it is worth the Hungarian Organic Association web site is :

You can view it in English using any number of online translators.

Batya :

What district or towns would be available with farms for this? ..... Specifically, I am looking for ... oranges... bananas

For what it is worth, oranges (that I am aware of) and bananas don't grow in Hungary. Wrong climate. ;)

And I have never (personally) seen imported fresh organic versions of either myself here but they may exist. Have seen dried organic banana however (imported).

Many people in rural areas with an apple or pear tree will let you have some if you ask. Our trees have so many apples most years, the ones we do not have time to cider just rot on the ground.

There is an organic (Bio) Farmers market every Saturday from 7-2 (I thinK)  beside the MOM mall.  I love going there.  They have fruits vegetables, honey, bread, eggs, milk etc. 
There is also a small Bio market and Bio grocery store on the 1st floor of the Mammut Mall

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