Looking for good Vietnamese Tutor

Im an expat living in HCM, hoping to find good Vietnamese Tutor that is looking for long term work as Tutor and not only a quick few Dong. Any one interested or ideas where to find. Doug

Hi dougiewayne59 !

I would suggest you to post an advert in the classes section of Ho Chi Minh City classifieds.
It might help!


Hi friend,

I can teach Vietnamese for foreigners in English. Plz send me the way to get this job, my email is: ngaytothon[at]



Teaching Vietnamese for foreigners is what i am looking for.
Besides earning money by that i would like to let all people from every parts in the world can feel the Vietnam's beauty fully and i think language is a good way to make this happen and knowing Vietnamese is an advantage to live and work here.
I'm responsible, patient and hard-working, so i think i can do this job well. Please contact me at 0933114360

Could you give me more details about your requirements?
I am interested in teaching Vietnamese and I want to give myself a chance. :)


If you are interested, please contact to me : 0907 685 385

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Good Afternoon Doug

I have come back to Vietnam with my cousin for 1 and a half years and so far we need to learn back our Vietnamese to live better here. I just want to share with you that my cousin is currently studying at a place called VLStudies (hopefully you can try to look up for it) and yea, each day she comes home and share to me some new slangs and phrases. lol

Good luck with your vietnamese lessons though !

i can do that. pls contact to my email : tuanthanh842003[at] 0r number : 0907825945. Dont worry about expense for ur learning Vnmese so much.

If you are still in need of a long-term Vietnamese tutor, please contact me

Thank you

My name is Phat. I am final year student of English Linguistic and Literature program at the university of Social Sciences and Humanities in HCMC. Major: Translation and Interpretation. I am active, patient, enthusiastic, funny. I have been experience as English Tutor for 4 years. Now, I am teaching at American International School. I am looking for a job as a Vietnamese tutor. I have experience in teaching Vietnamese for foreigner. Place: Ho Chi Minh City. Salary: negotiation. Time: arrangement. Please contact with me if you need study. My Cell

Hello Doug!
My name is Loan, very interested in your information. I am looking for long term work as a tutor. If you still need one. Please contact me through email: loanshmily[at] or phone: 0985.544.085
Have a good day.

Hello -> To all job seekers, please post your ads in the Jobs in Ho Chi Minh City section.

Thank you,

I hope you have more luck then I did. I contacted a girl who posted here in Vung Tau, went and met her, told her my work hours and what I was wanting. Never heard from her again, seems to be a standard thing here in VN, cant find anyone to actually do what they say they will.

I take online courses with a nice gentleman based in Cu Chi. He teaches via Skype but is very good about keeping his hours (and accepting cancellations) at $50/five lessons. Just google something like "Online Vietnamese Skype" and you'll find his service.

Hi Ann,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Language classes in Ho Chi Minh City section, this might help. :)

Thank you,


Hi Friend.
If you want to practise Vietnamese with me, you can contact me at:0902968990 / Mr Phuong. I can help you learn some Vietnamese for some common communications. I don't care about the tuition fee. We can meet and have a coffee or beer and talk in Vietnamese and English as friends. As you know, to learn a foreign language, the learner should go out and join some social activies, live, work, drink, eat, talk to the local people and should not study that language in the room all the time...The communication situations will be more varied. Then you can have a chance to hear and talk. If any interest, you can call me.

Hi fuong9,

Welcome to Expat-Blog :)

David :

Hi Ann,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Language classes in Ho Chi Minh City section, this might help. :)

Thank you,



Unfortunately, for many of us foreigners, it is VERY loud and chaotic in HCMC and the Vietnamese here come from many different regions and speak in different accents. When music and car horns are blaring and many people are talking at once in various accents and interrupting and using cell can be incredibly difficult to learn much Vietnamese.

That being said, I do agree that learning a foreign language is about whole communication rather than exercises in a book. However, whole language can certainly be gained and practiced via extensive active listening and active conversation that covers a variety of topics with substantial content.

In the past I have not gone to bars, coffee shops, parties to learn other languages. I simply actively engaged in using whole language.

Try some education centre.. They are more responsible than private tutor. I think there is a thread about this matter as well.

iam from hanoi. i can teach u.

@ nana91 > Hello :) You may post an advert in this section > Language classes in Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks. Karen :)

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I have sparetime after work and want to share for Vietnamese teaching. We will talk about details when see each other. Regards

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I am a last year student who is looking for a part-time job.  (Emma Nhi) then we can discuss more in details about this.


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My name is Cindy. I am 26 years old and currently working in Ho Chi Minh. **

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Hi Cindy,

Have you found Vietnamese tutor ? I'm teaching Vietnamese in Phu My Hung Ho Chi Minh and if you interest in Vietnamese, you could input your email here for contact .

dear sir,
my name is VIET which is VIETNAMESE. i was born in vietnam and studied in AUSTRALIA.
i have been teaching ENGLISH for VIETNAMESE and VIETNAMESE to AUSTRALIANs .
so i can tell how hard  the job is, fun but need to be paitent and zeal.
i love this job and i live in it.hope we can help each other some ways.

i do things professionally.if you have a minute ,i just need an appointment to have a coffee and here your voice in your language.i will study your voice and give you tips .showing you the light  help you become VIETNAMESE even i can be your tutor or not .

OK.thanks for your paitent to read.
,hope the best for you, mate.

Dear Doug,

My company are looking for person like you.
If you agree , we can arrange a meeting.Philip


Please post your job ad in the jobs section top of this page.

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for a job or offer a job, please post your ad in the job section here : … minh-city/

Thank you,

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