Phu My Hung Neighbors

Hi. Does anyone know the google group, phu my neighbors? Been searching for it online, but can't seem to find it.  Hope someone can point me to the right site ;)


Welcome to the forum yeng :)

Thanks :)

thanks for the url. sent an email request already.


Yes hi if you go to phu-my-hung-neighbors-list.html  you will go strait to the website.

Hi Kay,

You are off topic here. Could you please post your advert in the Ho Chi Minh City classifieds > job section?

Thank you very much.

Hi wonderkid, I invite you to start a new thread on the forum, with all your questions.;)


The Phu My Hung group are hardly like An Phu - they are open whereas PMH is more like a gated community/compound.

Their membership policy says it all:
Just subscribe. But you HAVE to give a recommendation (another list member) or a good reason.

Reminds me of the Stepford Wives movie.

I saw this thread. I don't know anyone on the email list to recommend me. Submitted a request anyway and told the truth.
I have family living in Phu My Hung. I go there occasionally (weekends) to shop, eat, visit family, walk around The Cresent, and watch movies at the one of two Megastar threatres there.

Next day I got accepted.

All Law, rules and regulations are made by people for the benefit of people. That's the Universal truth; likewise all have loop hole. If you are not 100% perfect(nobody is perfect:)), you can use your brain and reach your aim! Good luck for a peaceful law break!

Hi, Yeng! I don't know neither. I am a new member as well as you in the site anyway. Need find more helps though.

Have a good day.

Who is owner of group  , Can i join here ?

lunglinh00 :

Who is owner of group  , Can i join here ?

He is a unemployed German guy in Vientiane who mooches off his wife who is the manager for Diethelm.

His name is Tomas (Thomas) Wanhoff.

Thanks Jaitch, So how can i join this group

You have to send a request in order to join and give them a reason why you would like to join. :) I was able to join without having a recommendation.


I am the new member. Hope we can share informations with everyone

anyone can help me, how to enter phu my hung neighbours group

Hi i wanna meet some foreigners, to gain more friends especially in phu my hung district 7.

I hope its nothing like those nasty regulars on An Phu, very clicky on that site and dont like anyone who doesnt agree with them.


I hope we can share informations with everyone.



Rohelynsalahid :


I hope we can share informations with everyone.



Good and bad minded people are everywhere!
We have the right to talk even if it is anphu or phumy groups!
Someone thinks that they are 'King' or 'Queen' when they get some position such as webmaster or hcmc ambassador (Not government) :D
We don't need to tolerate any one who ignore us. That's our (My husband's and mine)idea of living.:D

The trouble with those sites is that the webmaster will cancel your account, becuse the regulars complain and have you removed. Happened to me with a guy who was very aggressive, but he was a local expat business owner in D2 and I wasnt a residence or regular on that site. As far as Im concerned APN is one of the most sterile,biased,purile and contradictive sites in Viet Nam.

oh come on guys. APN and PMH are basically the same thing - a group for expats, like this one, asking the same questions and trying to avoid getting overrun with adverts,  in fact this group just deletes your ad, whereas APN gives a warning. Apn was founded 7-8yrs ago and I remember it well as i knew the guys who created it.. it serves a purpose and with this melting pot of people its hard to keep out the trolls right?  the difference is that the google groups send a summary every day of all posts.  Imagine if you received all the posts from this site every day?  half of them are hardly interesting.. its a different ball game.

APN is not a nice site in my books and I subscribe to many sites Thats the only one I found to be full of self opinionated expats, thats my opinion.

Hi Phu My Guys!

Does anyone smoke electronic vaporizer? I have some spare parts and liquids on stock in any case.

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hello everyone .

Hi sang5 > this is an old thread. Can you start a new topic with an introduction on the Ho Chi Minh City forum.

Christine team

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hi new here in vietnam... is anybody here working in manufacturing company? if somebody knows a manufacturing company hiring employees for production line please inform me or text me... i really need a job so please help me :( ... thank you so much.. godbless everyone...:)[/i]

Below is Phu My Hung neighbors on facebook.!
Hope it could help you!

I live in Phu my hung and am interested in what is going on

Hi all,
im new here. Just need your help. Im an APN memebr and i would like to be PHUMYHUNGGROUP Meember as well.
could anyone assist me how i can register, plz?

Hihi, I am having problems signing up as a member on the URL you had provided. I have follow all the steps but kept promt me User id incorrect....

Please help.

Hi! r u Huong?

you can search PhuMyHungNeighbours, then ask the admin accept you as a member of this group.

Dear webmaster PMH,
Could u kindly add my email *** in your group please?
We are About Education. So its very good for us sharing info with the group.
Thank you
Bifa Staff

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