So, the hubby and I made it to a rather large souq mall off Olaya before you get to Kingdom Tower.  We found MANY abaya stores, but none of them had any abayas like the one pictured (with hood).  Therefore, my question is... has anyone seen this type in any particular stores/areas?

Thanks for any direction you can give :)

runnertattoogirl :

So, the hubby and I made it to a rather large souq mall off Olaya before you get to Kingdom Tower.  We found MANY abaya stores, but none of them had any abayas like the one pictured (with hood).  Therefore, my question is... has anyone seen this type in any particular stores/areas? 

[img align=c][/url]

Thanks for any direction you can give :)

hi runnertattogirl

you need to buy the black-hood  alone ; its a different piece  [ not sure where you can buy them here]
the abbaya with the upper-hood ( one with color) come with the abbaya [free]

hope this help

I know that the inside one is a separate piece, but I haven't been able to find the abaya with the hood already attached.  I think I have seen one expat wearing one when she passed by in Panorama Mall, but have yet to find it in a store.  There was another one on a blog I found, but she didn't mention where she found it.... may have to try to get in contact wit her, but hoping maybe someone has a little more info.

OK - I was intrigued by this so I asked one of the ladies in the office.  She said that you did go to the right place - the souk on Olaya that sells the abayas.  She said it is called a "Moroccan" style abaya.  Most stores will not sell it this way - she said you may be lucky to find a store that sells it this way.  But your better bet is to go to one of those stores, tell them what you want, they will take your measurement and custom-make one for you.

There you go - now my curiosity has been satisfied!!  Haha

Well, thankful that I piqued your interest!  Thank you for asking someone and we figured if no one knew we would take a print out of it to the souks and see what they could do for us.  Glad to know we were somewhat on the right track :)

To Mrs.little BLACK Riding Hood,

In the past few years, Abaya’s designing  and tailoring had become a multi-billion Riyal industry. Abaya’s with hoods are more common in the Khaliji designs (Gulf States especially Emirates) and it was in-fashion here few years ago but not anymore and that’s why it’s hard to find it now.(Originally the hoods are Moroccan designs and it will be on colored dresses, but was used by some gulf designers for the Abaya,so you will find that some people will call it Moroccan Abaya’s)
Your options are to look for an Abaya shop that is specialized in “ Khaliji Abayas” and those usually are runned privately by a woman that travels to Dubai and come back with few piece’s to sell it in her home or Mashgal or just simply take the pic of the hooded Abaya with you and go to any shop that sells abaya’s with the price range of 250-450SR and ask if they can tailor-made one for you. Am not sure about Riyadh but in Jeddah if you went to Shata’a or Bawadi souk almost all shops will give you this service (for the fabrics ask for Forsan cloth it means knighthood in Arabic).


Thanks for the input!  From what I'm gathering, it does look like something that needs to be custom made or specially ordered.  It is quite interesting to know how this style came about and why it is so hard to find now.  :)

Take this photo to one of the shops in the souq and ask them to make it. They will. There are some good material shops there too, so grab yourself some silk as this is beautiful to wear. You can also buy any s
equins, beads near the abaya shops in this souq.

Or if you want to save money, buy the material and take it to a small shop where an Indian dress-maker will do a fabulous job in zapping one up. There are some very good businesses at exit5, down the back streets between Hyper-Panda (Olaya St) and the large fruit/veg market.

Good luck.

Hi runnertattoogirl

You might find some of the finest abayas on this facebook page.. Not the type of u r looking for which also includes the hood. But these are finest hand embroydered abayas. Take a look u might like some designs carved over it.

she REALLY needs to white balance her photos

Morroccan/sport abaya is what we are looking for

Zip up or pull over, no buttons
Hood built in
pockets also.

if that helps.
I dont mind getting someone to make it. but id rather buy it off the shelf of course

hey, print this picture and go to any abaya shops in batha or may get one of the shopkeepers to do the same work, though it may not look exactly the same.


Just  bought a new abaya for myself 2 days ago. And while I was looking through them I was offered exactly the same style you are looking for))) The shop is on the 2nd level in LuLu Hypermarket.


Oh, I will definitely have to check there.  I've been wanting to check out Lulu anyway since it's about the only market we haven't been to.  Thanks for the heads up!

Ordering online is also an option! has super awesome quality and beautiful designs. They dont have a very big range in hoodie abayas though, maybe a couple designs. It's not too far from home either so shipping cost will be good! They're just based next door, in the emirates

I'll definitely check it out!  Thanks :)

If all else fails, you could get the details of the lady who just made me a super sporty abaya with hood, from me. I am so pleased with it! (Never thought I could say that about an abaya)

got a pic?

hey check such styles on ROYAL MALL, dont enter the mall on front of mall, there is abaya shop on right side of main entrance of Royal mall , a lot of variety is there even i have seen such type of abayas there, i think u must visit once

I have seen these abaya in Souq sawegi plus in Kuwati market too

The Sahara Mall in Riyadh has abaya shops which sell abaya with hoods.

check in Royal Mall, I am searching a really nice expansive abbaya for my wife as a gift and my hr lady in my company told me to check nicest abbayaaas in royal mall

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