Chiropractic in Riyadh

Good Morning fellow expats,

I have recently moved to Riyadh, as a teacher, but I am also a qualified Chiropractor.

I would just like to get a feel if there is a market for a person like me to move between compounds offering "in home" Chiropractic services - I would be bringing a bed along!! This would be more convenient and more personal in your own space.

I have thought of working in the evenings, in a different compound every night, depending on booked appointments.

Would you please comment if you would use such a service and if it is a viable option for me to pursue.

Thanking you in advance,
Kind regards


Hello Quinton.

Welcome to! :)

Hope other members will be able to give you some informations.

In meantime, I invite you to register yourself into the Riyadh Business directory - Health section (Chiropractors).

Thank you,

I would be interested in such a service. please post contact details.

@Sharief - pls note that this discussion is quite old... feel free to start a new topic with all your questions on the Riyadh Forum :)


Are you still practicing in Riyadh? It is currently Nov. 2015.


Are you still in riyadh

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Are you still in Riyadh? I need an adjustment for a rib pain under my shoulder blade asap!

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