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Hi, can anyone recommend a good place to take my 8 year old daughter for riding lessons please? and also for me to ride (experienced rider)

There is an equestrian centre in the DQ and also something at the Arazona compound.
I have been talking about contacting them for the last 18 months but have not actually done it so have no experience of either.

Thank you I will check them out, I believe the DQ one you have to pay like a membership fee & have access to all other activities they have there but we just want to ride so will go over & see what they offer

i love horse riding .!!

The riding center in the DQ is nice. They have a decent number of horses of all sizes. Not quite sure about the level of training of the horses there. They have I think 3 women only days. There is also a pool. I haven't started there yet, but plan to later this year. I am not sure their phone number as I lost their information sheet. But perhaps worth a drive there. You enter the main gate at Roundabout 1, turn right, go straight at Roundabout 11. Then follow the road all the way around to the right (almost as if you are circling around the houses) and you will see a small sign with Equestrian Center and Public Park. If you just go for a look, the guard will tell you whether its ladies day or mens day, so you or your hubby can take a peak and get the info.

Not sure where you live, but I also checked out Al Khayala which is quite far in distance (even though it doesn't look so on the map). But the lady on the phone sounds very pleasant. She also asked if I was experienced enough to teach. So there may be a teaching opportunity there for an advanced rider! It is just too far for me to fit in the time.

Haven't checked out the International Equestrian School in Malaz yet. But it also looks to be nice from the pictures I have seen on Facebook.

All have a FB page or group. Sorry no contact numbers. Hope this helps!

Also,  I think most places are on Memberships. At DQ, you pay a fee and get a certain amount of lessons to use in a 6 month period. If you need more lessons, then its extra on top. But from what I remember, the cost works out well if you are looking for lessons once or twice a week. The rates were less than what I was paying in Canada.

Hello there,

As Prima Bella saya you can join The club in The DQ for 6 months or one year
I asked before The summer for my 6 years old daughter
The fees at that time were annual 2600 zar inlude 20 sessions or 1500 sar for 6 months inl 10 sessions
You csn renew The sessions and get discount
Private sessions 350 sar if you ha ve visitors big horse 200 sar The hour and pony 150 sar you can also do 30 mns
You can access The pool and use thr cinema as weel
You also have 3 or 4 times pool for private events
Sunday to thursday from 8 to 12 qm n 4 to 8 pm for ladies and children
Friday from 4 ton8 pm for fsmilies riding only for children under 12
Saturday 8 to 12 for ladies and children and 4 to 8 pm men only
Here thr number 4812200/4880954
there is also thr alkhayala equastrian centre its after exit 7 on The north ring near Granada mall
You Can be member  3 months 6 months or 1 year
You can take lessons or just ride wihtout lesson 200 riyals for thr hour if not member
Here The number 012489326

Good luck
If you need extra info let me know i have visited a lot of places to see what my kids can do after School




Indeed you give quality information. I really wanted to know to more activity options specially kids along with their moms.

Please share your knowledge, and explain us more options.


Hi there. Maltisent, I can't get through to the number you give for Alkhayala - a management firm answers the phone. Do you have any other numbers or contact details? Their website is inaccessible due to 'malaware' and they do not respond to my emails!


We recently visited Al Khayala equestrian centre and had a great time.  There are loads of facilities there other than the 3 horse riding arenas too. **



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Hello! My company is organizing a Saudi -themed event for our client, so we'd like to get some horses, camel, and falcon in. Does any one know where we can have them at a resort for a day, and their contacts? Thanks.

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