Is Butantã a good area to live in?

Hi all!  I just graduated with my masters, and am moving to Sao Paulo for a year-long fellowship.  I've done research in Brazil before, but am not familiar with Sao Paulo at all.  I found what seems to be an amazing deal for a one-bedroom flat in Butantã but am not sure about the neighborhood. Do any of you have any experience with the neighborhood?  Is it safe?  Is it convenient (to the center and Pinheiros?) The proximity to USP is definitely a plus, but if any of you could shed any light on any of the other things to consider, that would be much appreciated!  Abraços!



I dont know very much about Butanta area but what I hearded is not the safest place in SP. You will feel more comfortable at Vila Mariana (which is a area very close to subways) or Jardins area. Butanta is very far away from subway as I know. Has been 6 years I dont live in Brazil anymore so maybe has changed since then. If I was you I would try find something in Vila Mariana, or something close to Paulista Avenue.

Moema and Morumbi also are wonderful areas!

Hi Danielle,

Depending on where you live in Butantã it can be a great place to live and somewhat less expensive than some of the surrounding neighborhoods. With the opening of Butantá Station (Metrô Linha Amarela) one can get from there to Pinheiros, Av. Paulista / Consolação, Republica and also connect to CPTM Linha Esmeralda to Osasco, Berrini, Morumbi quite quickly.

The area immediately surrounding the station is primarily commercial, but I am sure you will find a nice rental closeby.
Good luck in apartment hunting.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

Do not worry because I know butantã area and this place  get easy access to different region of SÃO PAULO. You can caught subway or bus you have two options to cheap public transport.
Butantã area is good area to living because there are stores and everything about you need, of course if you ask about others better places if compare to butantã I can tell you. but butantã is not bad.
If you need some information else just ask me.

If you want to go to USP everyday, ther's no better place. But butanta is big area, depending where you are the neigbours can be quite dangerous in some place and very quite in other. Anyway I recomend you to stay at least one week here for choose an area where you feel confortable as there's many other option for rent near USP or with an easy bus-metro traject to go there.

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