Is IPTU paid monthly?


I am considering a job offer in Sao Paulo. I am looking for apartments. I have been checking some options on internet, but I am not sure what exactly I will have to pay every month. I have found that aluguel is divided in price + condominio + IPTU. If an apartment says that price is R1,800, condominio R800 and IPTU R150, will I have to consider IPTU into my monthly payments or is it paid per year?

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I think it's monthly

You can pay monthly (from February till November) or total value once a year

IPTU and condominium is paid per month. IPTU (urban tax) is usually low ~100R$, but condominium (building maintenance fee) can cost between few hundred and few thousand per month.

If you are looking for 12 months  rentals ( recommended) price usually not including IPTU and condominium.

If you are looking for 1 month  rentals ( recommended) price usually include IPTU and condominium.

In each case electricity is not included.

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