Gamma Knife Treatment in Riyadh

I am looking for a quality Gamma Knife Clinic in Riyadh for my father's treatment (he is suffering from 'Acoustic Neuroma' due to Benign Tumor of 2.5cm length located somewhere near vestibule cochlea & facial nerve).

I will apreciate contact details of SME radiologists/Neurosurgeons

well  i dont know if any clinic would do such a major surgery but for the sake check dala hospital  or dr suliman alhabib most of their doctors are part timing from the universities and considered as top  in the kingdom

thanks dude. I am looking for some contact details of SME Neurosurgeons. Anyways I will go to Salman Alhabib to get some opinion.

See if this helps, … unah-18916

Good Luck.

thanks dude, really appreciate this :)


Did you ever find a place in Saudi that does Gamma Knife Surgery?

Thank you

Hi, no i coulnt able to find in saudia.  My father got gamma knife treatment from pakistan.

Thanks for your reply.  I had mine done in London, but someone asked me about it and I see on the internet that they have it in Saudi, but then it also says it is done in Dubai, and that's not true either.

Thank you.

I would like to know ur post operative situation. My father underwent Gamma knife treatment in July 2012 in Karachi (there is only one hospital in Pakistan specialized and accredited in Gamma knife). He did his first MRI in Feb 2013 and it showed that the benign tumor is decaying, however a complete diffusion may take 2-3 years to complete.

Hi -Mine was an acoustic neuroma also.  I had the gamma knife surgery done in 2005.  After 1 year, 2006, i had an MRI and there was no change.  After the second year, 2007, there was a decrease in size, but the doctor in London said the scans were not good enough to tell how much of a decrease.  He told me to have an MRI done next after 3 years.  2010 my MRI showed that the tumour had reduced to be 1/3 the size it was at the start. I was supposed to have an MRI the next year and I didn't, as my mom was very ill and i was traveling back and forth for 6 months.  I haven't had another MRI.  I guess I should, but the longer I wait, the more hesitant I am to do it.  The MRI makes me very nervous, and the older I get:), the more claustrophobic I get.  I should have one.  I will see.

Does u still feel like vertigo and sounds like bells ringing in the ears ?

It took 5 years for my father to diagnose that its Acoustic Neuroma/ Meniers, till that time he already lost hearing of one of his ears. Though he is improving now but he is still feeling an imbalance while walking and has an adversely reduced hearing.

Hello Brother,

Hope you doing well there.
I was going through posts, As you mentioned you got Gamma Rays from Karachi, Can I ask you which hospital was that? how was treatment there?
Please do let me know as I'm looking for my mother. So keen to get it done in Pak, not much keen to go for surgery.

Looking forward reply from your side,


Hi Furqan

the treatment was fine. they will tell you some precautionary measures.

The details of Gamma Knife Center in Pakistan is in below mentioned website;
Telephone: +922132259959, +922132230310
Mobile: 0092333-6904524, 0092333-2126438, 0092300-3680084, 0092300-2418255
Email: neurospi2013[at], pet.radiosurgery[at]

You can contact them for appointment and details.

Thanks, mate.

I got that same one whn I google it.
So your experience was gud enough?

yes it was good however follow instructions very carefully. Its a very sensitive treatment.

the tumor in my father's cochlea membrane decayed after the treatment. It took 1.5 years in decay process but by now my father is facing some imbalance in body. His left side balance is weak.

thanks for the reply.
my mother got in her left eye at the end.
WE have been referred my Dr from Lahore to contact with them, but to be honest, we have received a mixed reaction from different people about Mr Hasim Sattar.
so we not very much curious abt his reputation.


Have you done your GAMMA Knife treatment in London?
Fro which hospital u did that?
I'm in touch with Cromwell.
how was your experience?
my mother got meningiome.

Where is Gamma knife treatment available in Saudi Arabia?


It is only available in Prince Sultan Military Hospital Riyadh.


Have you get the treatment from there or any of your relatives ?
How I can reach there ?
Can you please share the contact person or details any you have!

Na Man,,,

It needs Prince`s approval to get into that hospital.
We are not going for Rays anymore.

Hi, Are you sure it is available in Prince Sultan Military Hospital Riyadh ?

thts wat i came to know by someone.

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