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After now enduring 5months in Norway. This is my viewpoint that some might find interesting.

It sounded appealing to us to come to Norway after all no. 1 country in world to live, high std of living, high wages great!

Unfortnately i've found that to not be the case. The wages seem high but so are the prices, you easily lose the benefit of these high wages very quickly.

Rents are expensive and very hard to get a 3 bedroom place that isnt going to really bankrupt you.
You NEED a car here out of the city of Oslo, prepared to 3-4x times the price of UK.

Food quality here is REALLY low compared to other countries Spain, UK, Ireland, Australia etc and rather expensive, our family of 4 would easily go through 9000nok a month and that is really cutting back on what we buy. I barely buy wine etc anymore if the state run shops are even open at time that suits you, you will find very pricey 150nok a bottle of ok wine. Tesco value equal wine would be approx 95nok a bottle.

Language isnt an issue until you want to do something, we have kids and are really struggling to entertain them. If you want to say bring them to cinema look at, most kids under 10 films are in dubbed norsk.

The place is what it is, but if you have kids are coming here... Are you sure? especially if you are going to an area outside the city...

Best of luck

I'm Norwegian, born outside of Oslo..just moved back to Norway last year..I could not dream of living outside of Oslo. I share your sentiments. But then again, I know some people who live out in the sticks, they need 2 cars and have no vinmonopol for miles..yet they love it. I've found bars in Oslo that are on par with London/Manchester prices for pints..and considering the increased salary here..guess I'm quids in really. But 'cheap' alcohol is a taboo here for some reason, but at least the booze selection is better than the food selection. :/

And food..yes..I miss tesco's, sainsburys and waitrose.. :(

I find wages do compensate overall, especially as the kroner is strong atm..leaving the country is a great idea for holiday. I'm able to save now, wasn't able in the UK.

As far as doing things..remember Norwegians do love the outdoors. If you live rurally, well, even Oslo for that matter..some awesome outdoor areas for cycling, etc.

Out of interest, where do you live?

loved reading your reply and wow you have travelled around a bit

im up in kongsberg atm

ksc :

loved reading your reply and wow you have travelled around a bit

im up in kongsberg atm

I went to school with a British girl whos family spent her entire childhood in kongsberg. The entire family ( and mother) spoke Norwegian fluently, the dad struggled a little. I think it's quite important..I've lived abroad since I was 5, so I had to learn English helped, and so much easier for kids to pick up too. Not sure how long I'll stay here in Norway either..I do miss the british self deprication which seems to not exist in Norwegians..they are all so serious!

It's a strange observation I've had, I have family in Vestfold..but prices outside of Oslo seem to be higher (except rent)..I'm paying about London price for a decent flat here of similar size, but got decent access to asian veg stalls and shops. Whilst a shopping trip to one of the 'supermarkets' can quickly get up to 1000nok, I hardly spend 100nok buying all my veggies and other things on offer from them. They also tend to be alot more polite and service minded. :)

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