How much are kitchen utensils in Buenos Aires?

I have been offered kitchen utensils by a guy who is leaving B.A.
He wants to charge me 600 US$ for 20 plates, 4 pots, 15 glasses, 2 pans, a kitchen machine, 20 knives, forks and spoons. Are these things really that expensive in B.A.? Should I rather buy those things myself when arriving in B.A.?

Just send him to hell and buy yourself new struff. You will save money. by the way, what is a kitchen machine?? This is maybe the reason of the proposed price.

Thanks for your reply.
A kitchen machine (funny German word) is a food processor.

Are plates, pots and cutlery very expensive in Argentina?

Everything is expensive if you are reliant on an Argentinian wage. Kitchen goods are expensive. A basic new microwave for example is $900 US ! Good pots and pans are a lot of money. Advice is to ask what are the manufacture makes of the goods are and then research, make up your mind. Also, since someone is selling such bulky items probably means they are not willing to take them with them and are very keen to sell them, so you could get them for a crazy bargain offerd price.

Check out

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Thanks Craggls.

The thing is that it would seem an interesting offer to me if he wanted to sell me something like a second hand microwave, washing machine or fridge. But I can't imagine that plates, cups and glasses are that expensive in Argentina.

I meant to type $90 bucks not $900 !
You will be surprised how expensive things are, there are no $2 shops unfortunately, no Kmarts nor are there ANY charity shops .... just bring your savings and all is fine and enjoy here, it's fabulous in many ways and strange in others !

Buy decent quality kitchen utensils as you don't want to be running to the store every now and then.
More detail here:
Click here for more details
watch here give more info

Well shortly anything offered in dollars in Argentina is a trap.
You can buy same things from here in a higher or in a lower price, but you will be more convinced if you do it yourself.
Apply same rule for everything, from ticket plane to apartment rent. Its good if you have dollars, just do not pay with it directly. I assume you know about the difference between formal dollar rate exchange vs. the blue price.

For the out-of-town readers, what is the blue-price all about?

cccmedia in Ecuador

Pots and pans are not only over-priced but of poor quality.  As is most everything here.  If the things he wants to sell you are high quality, buy them...maybe offer 400 though...used.  For the person who asked about blue price, it is in reference to the amount of pesos you can get for US dollars on the street as opposed to the official rate through an ATM for instance.  Yesterday it was over 16 pesos for the dollar, as opposed to about 9.5 via an ATM.

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