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I am currently homeschooling my children and was wanting to find out what the legalities are about homeschooling (if any)? 
We are looking to get citizenship, so the information would need to be for citizens (I guess any info on homeschooling would be great!). 

I have tried to find some info online, with no luck, and have just briefly looked over the constitution, but can't seem to find anything in there either, so if anyone has any idea where I might find some information, that would be great!


have you seen this topic? Private english schools in Mauritius

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Yes I did see that post.

We are going to be applying for citizenship, so I need to know the legalities around homeschooling as a citizen.  In some countries the laws are very relaxed, in others there are strict procedures to follow.  Since I can't find any information on homeschooling online, I am hoping they are very relaxed about it all! LOL

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Call one of these schools and they'll tell you all you need to know ;)

Hi Purplepixie,

Schooling is mandatory till the age of 16 in Mauritius. So, I don't think that homeschooling is legal.

(Just an historical note as you refer to the Constitution: A Compulsory Education Ordinance was passed in 1857 in the island! And, more surprising, the language of instruction was to be French. The Ordinance was never applied though. … t#PPA59,M1

But, a law passed somewhere in the 1990s now renders schooling compulsory till the age of 16, and it is enforced.)

Edit: in fact, there was an Amendment to the Education Act in 2005 which rendered schooling compulsory till the age of 16. … &ct=result

Edit: Please find below the official version from the government portal:

Compulsory education up to the age of 16
(1) Every child who has attained such age as may be prescribed for admission to a primary school shall attend a primary school.
(2) It shall be compulsory for every child to attend school up to the end of the academic year in the course of which he attains the age of 16.
(3) Any responsible party of a child under the age of 16 who, without reasonable cause, refuses or neglects to cause the child to attend school regularly in accordance with subsection (1) or (2) shall commit an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding 10,000 rupees and to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 2 years. … bill50.pdf

Thanks Neel....unfortunately that was NOT the news I was hoping for....:(

I don't think there are any laws around homeschooling yet in Mauritius. The very concept might not be known. In my opinion, these laws about compulsory education till the age of 16 have been thought through in order to give every child the opportunity to have access to education, read going to school. I don't know if anything has been written pertaining alternative schooling, which is still education. I am a young 28 yr old Mauritian mother and was looking up about homeschooling in Mauritius, because I might consider too (I don't know yet if I will manage but I want to know about the possibilities). That is why I landed on your post here. I wish you luck in your quest and if you do get the answers you are looking for, would you mind posting it on here so that others might get the information too?

Don't give up.


Oh, and I just realized this post dates back to March 2009. I am a little late ;)

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Indeed but thanks for your input ;)

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Do you perhaps have any info on the American International Academy of Mauritius    +230.5913.6161
aiamauritius[at]  We want to move to Mauritius but school fees in two private schools are extremely high. Children are 13, 16 & 17. Any suggestions?? I found his third private school with more accommodating rates.

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I do realize your post is from 2009, but was wondering if you ever had any success to your question?

As I am facing a similar situation of considering home schooling for my children.

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As a late forties Mauritian citizen working in the tourism sector may I suggest that if you find the private schools too expensive, you may give the public schools a try; some have very good/high standards. All the subjects Maths, English Language, Environmental studies, etc are taught in english (except for French Language) and you can complete the other subjects with homeschooling.
Alternately you may try some private schools patronised by the middle-class mauritians, whose children then progress to the best colleges of the island.

Hi there,
My husband is a lawyer here in Mauritius and although I would love to homeschool my children, it is not legal here.  If you cannot afford private school, your best option would be to put them in public school and supplement at home.
Sorry I don't have better news.

To everyone still asking about home schooling.. -  Would using a registered home schooling curriculum (for example Brainline) not be acceptable? --  I know that many people sailing around the world for example use 'Calvert'

There are so many ways of giving our kids an accredited education these days ..

Good luck!

Geomologist :

To everyone still asking about home schooling.. -  Would using a registered home schooling curriculum (for example Brainline) not be acceptable? --  I know that many people sailing around the world for example use 'Calvert'

There are so many ways of giving our kids an accredited education these days ..

Good luck!

@Geomologist, thanks for the heading.  My understanding has always been that parents who have opted to educate their kids via homeschooling do not necessary need Government recognition by the country they are living in.  It is enough, kids to follow accredited homeschooling curriculum and to complete it.  It must be a long process.. I personally admire dedication of those parents!  No one can stop 'homeschooling' practicing parents to socialite and to form a formal entity just for support and exchange of ideas between same-minded; as well to create environment for kids to interact.  But, do not expect the Government to recognize it (not yet in Mauritius)... most societies have a legalized educational system and unfortunately 'homeschooling' is out if it.


I have just acquired my Mauritian citizenship and we are looking at leaving SA sooner rather than later! I have also been looking at all school options for my  two younger children (in 2018 they  will be in grade 9 and grade 12 respectively) - I personally know people in SA who are with the Brainline programme and they are happy with this homeschool option with great success. - especially due to the fact that my son already knows the SA IEB curriculum and I feel so bad for him that we will be moving him in his last year of school (there's enough pressure as it is) - so did you find out anything further about Brainline? The private schools in Mauritius seem VERY expensive - I am not opposed to Mauritian government schools but don't want to make a bad decision. Any advice - please - would be appreciated.



I'm currently schooling my daughter using the proper Cambridge curriculum via Wolseyhall Oxford. They offer more A level options than the local private schools and learning is relaxed and self paced. Cost is a fraction of private schools for the same curriculum. Google their website for more info. It's a challenge but also very rewarding.

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