Lighthouse School

Moving very soon to Mauritis with my family,
2 children age 5 and 7 yo.
We shall be living in 'Haute Rive' area, we have recently found 2 seats at the Lighthouse school
and signed our children  up.
The staff was very welcoming throughout the enrollment process and we feel confident to send our children there.
The only question mark we have is about the curriculum and  the learning topics that are a bit different than the british system we have been used to.
Nothing to be too worried about, yet I was just  wondering if any of you out there has any feedback or direct experience with this school as i woud appreciate to learn more about it.
Thank you all in advance and best regards.

Good day, do mind sharing the school fees with me. I am looking at lighthouse for my childre  but al struggling to find out what the schools fees are.

Hi....I would also like to know the school fees at Lighthouse. I've been on the website and there is no fees and the last calendar update was in 2014.

I would also like to know. I have been in communication with them but cant seem to get schools out of them.

Hi - saw your old post.....

We are moving to Mauritius soon from SA. Looking for school for grade 9 and grade 12 (Matric) - also cannot see anything on Lighthouse - did you find out if they are operational still and school fees?

Hope you came right?



Can you tell me the price of lighthouse school fees ?


please do contact Susanna Dalais, she's the  one in charge there


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