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Transports in the United States


If you are moving to the United States, you, are probably wondering how you will move from one region to another. Here are some guidelines about the different means of transportation available.

There are various ways to move around in the United States. You can choose between airway, railway or highway. The maritime route is generally used transporting goods, but you can go on a cruise on one of the rivers of the country. Make sure you choose the most suitable means of transportation according to your destination and your budget. However, the majority of Americans prefer to travel and go to work by car.

Urban transportation

The US road network has more than 70,000 km of motorways and 6.1 million km of other roads. Most large cities in the United States have a transport system: buses, subways, trams and ferries. Greyhound, for instance, serves the majority of the country with the cheapest lines.

You can travel from one city to another by bus or by subway at competitive rates. You will find a list of bus companies and their services in the town hall of your region or in municipal buildings. Specific signs indicate bus stops and subway stations. Take your time to identify and choose the most suitable way to your destination.

Here are some links that might help you:


Transit Chicago



You can also opt for a taxi, but you should know that this is one of the most expensive ways to travel across the country. You indeed have to give a tip of at least 10% of the total fare to the driver.


The United States has more than 220,000 km of railway tracks that serve both freight and passengers. If you prefer to travel by train, choose the package that best suits you according to your preferences and your journey. Some companies offer services such as "coach" which is a basic service, and "sleeping car" if you make a long trip and you will spend the night on board. Others offer food and drinks if you make booking in advance.

Commuter trains are used on a daily basis and do not require reservations. A single class is offered and you can buy your ticket at the station or directly on the train.

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Union Pacific



If you want to travel by aircraft from one region to another, you can choose between the numerous airline companies of the United States. Each state has a number of airports where hundreds of thousands of passengers transit every day. Ticket prices vary according on your destination and the package you choose. There is also a shuttle service between the major cities of the United States, including New York, Boston, and Washington.

Here is a list of U.S. airlines:

Delta Airlines

Southwest Airlines


American Airlines

US Airway

Express Jet

Rent a car

If you have just arrived in the United States, you may consider renting a car. A credit card will be required to rent a car. Rental prices vary according to the different companies and regions. In general, you will be asked to contribute to damage insurance in case you damage the car. Be sure to check the rental conditions before entering. Some companies may charge you for mileage.

Useful links:

Easy Car

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Buy a car

If you wish to buy a car in the United States, you can choose between buying a new car or a second-hand car. In any case you are likely to be dealing with an individual. Make sure you meet the person and check the car before taking a decision. You can even try the car before negotiating the price with the owner.

If you already have sufficient funds, you can pay the agreed amount to the owner. Otherwise, you might consider a bank loan.

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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