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If you wish to settle in Dammam, finding a job will be your utmost priority. Here are some tips to help you through your job search.

Dammam, which is the Eastern province's capital city, is a very dynamic Saudi city, almost as much as Khobar. It is deemed to be the region's largest and the country's fifth biggest city. In fact, its population amounts to some 5 million people. Dammam is, above all, popular for its airport, the King Fahd International Airport, which is deemed to be the world's biggest airport, stretching over some 780 km², as well as the King Abdul Aziz sea port which is the Persian Gulf's most important sea port.

 Good to know:

Damman can be boast about hosting the Middle East and North African region's second import-export traffic after Jeddah.


Dammam can definitely be proud of its economy, being one of the world's richest city's in terms of oil. Moreover, you can find not only industries but also many schools and universities in the region. These not only attract local and international students but also require foreign expertise in terms of teaching. Indeed, education, restoration and media are major recruiters in the region.

Apart from oil, which is not only the main revenue generator but also the region's major job creator, other sectors such as construction, engineering, advertising, etc, also require manpower. Moreover, in 2013, 60% of the airport's vacancies still had to be filled. Hence, finding a job in Damman should not be difficult given the large number of companies and industries which have been set up there.

Find a job

In general, professional mutation should be the key of your expatriation to Dammam. But if it is not the case, you can start your job search on the Internet thanks to numerous specialized job websites. You can also rely on professional social networks which will also allow you to build up a network. Finally, word of mouth can also be a useful search tool if you have friends and contacts on the spot.

Nowadays, forums also provide help as many expats worldwide not only share their experience but also provide tips.


Given the fact that Riyadh and Jeddah are the most popular Saudi cities, you are advised to expand your job search to the fullest to have more chances of being hired in Dammam.

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