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If you wish to settle in Dammam, finding a job might be a top priority. Here are some tips to help you in your job search.

Dammam, the Eastern province's capital city, is a very dynamic Saudi city, almost as much as Khobar. It is deemed to be the region's largest and the country's fifth biggest city. In fact, its population amounts to some 5 million people. Dammam is above all, popular for its airport, the King Fahd International Airport, deemed to be the world's biggest airport, stretching over some 780 km², as well as the King Abdul Aziz seaport which is the Persian Gulf's most important seaport.

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After Jeddah, Dammam hosts the Middle East and North African region's second import-export traffic.


Dammam is considered Saudi’s wealthiest region because of its position in the oil industry. However, even though the oil industry makes up the most of the region's workforce, Damman has become a more diverse and bustling economy lately.

A growing retail sector, education, and construction fields have grown rapidly in the region. Attractions, food/catering, and entertainment have also rapidly grown. Without a doubt, the influx of foreigners in the area has created a diverse and steady employment growth.

Find a job in Dammam

In general, the best and most efficient way to look for job vacancies in a region is online. Internet searches and region-specific job searches have yielded limitless numbers of jobs in any given area.


It is important to note that with new Saudization policies being put in place, jobs once open to foreigners have now been limited to Saudi nationals only.

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