Volunteering in Dammam

Hi everyone, Im Edric from Philippines and im almost 1 month here in Dammam. 

Is there any volunteer work in Dammam?
Im in AlDhabab.

Hi Ed Rick001,

Regarding volunteer work in Dammam : I will invite you to please drop your resume in the Volunteering in Dammam as it might be helpful :)

Thank you


Hi max,

I was about create a thread "Volunteering in Khobar" and saw this thread.

I would like to know if there is a thread for Khobar region too.

I would like to volunteer if there is any event centered around Khobar.


Hi RedDevil17 > you can start a new topic and ask your question on the Khobar forum. ;)

Thanks for that Mr. Max,

Just need to update my resume though.
I love helping other people. It makes me feel good. :D

hi what is your #?

I'd also be interested.  If anyone knows any types of volunteer opportunities here in Dammam, please message me. 


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Is anyone has any idea on how i can do a volunteer work such as teaching to children or anything? I am from Malaysia, an engineer and never do any voluntary work before. This is my first for me.

there is no much scope for the volunteering work in this part of the globe, i am afraid.

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