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When moving abroad, leisure is almost an essential part of everyday life. Here are some of the leisure activities you can enjoy in Sweden.

On moving to Sweden, you will probably have some free time after your office hours and on week-ends. You can then explore the country, wherever you are. Sweden has a great historical, natural and cultural heritage which is portrayed by its enticing landscapes and architecture. You will notice that the Swedish are very keen about leisure and spending quality time with their family. Hence, for a better integration to the Swedish population and lifestyle, take the time to visit its various places of interest.

Allemansrätten – free access to public

The Swedish constitution relies on four main fundamental pillar (Grundlagar), namely the the order of succession to the throne of Sweden, freedom of the press, freedom of speech and the government bodies. Allemansrätten, which is the right of public access, is included in these pillars. This clearly means than anyone can move freely around the country, even through others' properties. However, this also induces that strollers should act responsibly and respect their surroundings.


As a democratic country, Sweden hosts many associations, some of which are dedicated to music, sports, culture and religion. You might be surprised to find that the Swedish people are often affiliated with several associations at a time. For more information on these associations, please refer to the nearest municipality to your place of residence. You will also find many cultural and leisure centers in Sweden.


Did you know that Sweden is one of Europe's least populated countries? Norrland, for instance, is found in the North of the country and hosts the Lapland National Park. It is very popular with nature lovers and ideal for camping in summer.

By moving to Sweden, you will also experience various outdoor activities such as canoe, ski, skating, sailing, horseback riding, biking, nature observation (brown bear, wolves, etc.). You are likely to discover new attractions and species every season.

The Swedish also like picking mushrooms, fishing in the sea and in lakes such as Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren and Storsjön. These activities are free of charge but there may be some restricted zones. Make sure to inquire beforehand with relating authorities.

Culture and architecture

If you have moved to one of the major Swedish cities, namely Stockholm, Uppsala, Visby and Karlskrona, you will be delighted by their cultural and architectural heritage. Take a leap into the past in Drottningholm, Ekerö, outside Stockholm, Gripsholm in Mariefred, Solliden in Öland, etc. These regions hosts beautiful royal castles and palaces with a magnificent architecture.

The country also hosts many sites which have been classified as a World Heritage by the UNESCO, namely the Fagersta and Falun mines, the Woodland Cemetery in Southern Stockholm and Struve Meridian Ark in Norrbotten. Moreover, most cities host art and cultural museums.


You can start by visiting the Göteborg Botanical Garden. Sarek is the country's biggest national park with some 197,000 hectares of wild nature.

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, located in Northern Sweden, has been built with snow and ice. It liquefies in summer and turns back into solid in winter.

Åre is one of the biggest Swedish ski resorts with some 44 cable cars.

 Good to know:

Sweden hosts 14 World Heritage sites, among which you have:

  • Liseberg, located in Göteborg, which is one of the country's biggest and most visited amusement parks
  • the Vasa Museum in Stockholm where you will discover the Vasa's wrecks
  • the Peace Park Morokulien which is found at the border between Norway and Sweden
  • Gekas in Ullared, for affordable shopping among many famous brands
  • the West Coast with its magnificent landscapes, beautiful beaches and cliffs and its bustling nightlife.

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