2015-06-26 14:47:57

Here are a few attractions you could visit in short trips near Bucharest.

If you are an expat living in Bucharest, you probably think about taking some short trips, for the weekends, to attractions near the city. Below you can find a few examples.

1. Seaside

You can reach the seaside in about 2,5 hours car driving from Bucharest. You can rent a car for 2-3 days and if you leave friday evening you will have enough time to have fun. The best place to go to the seaside in Romania is Mamaia, but if you would like something more calm and isolated, you can choose from many beaches along the coast. 

2. Bucegi Mountains

If you don't like the seaside or the weather is not friendly enough, you can choose the mountains. It's a short drive, of about 2 hours and you can visit a lot of interesting attractions in Sinaia, Predeal and Busteni. You can visit Peles Castle, Cantacuzino Castle, Sinaia Monastery, you can enjoy all sorts of sports and choose from a wide range of restaurants.

3. Targu Jiu, Brancusi Park

If you go west, you will be able to visit Brancusi's Park, located in Targu Jiu. All his sculptures are available in an outdoor museum, so you can mix a realxing walk in nature with a cultural experience.

4. The Danube

The road to the Danube Delta is a bit long, of about 4 hours, but you can still see The Danube and eat some extraordinary fish dishes in cities that are closer: Braila and Galati. We recommend Nemo Restaurant in Braila.

5. Monasteries

If you have a free weekend you can also have a tour of a few monasteries located near Bucharest. Snagov, Cernica and Pasarea are just a few examples.

6. Snagov Lake

Snagov Lake is located very close to Bucharest, in the northern part. It'a a beautiful lake, near a forest, and you can enjoy water sports, long walks, tanning. 

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