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No matter where you are going or for how long, you will want to stay connected. Luckily, staying in touch with friends and family will be easy in Hong Kong — the city has a developed telecommunications networks, including several land line, mobile phone and Internet service providers.

Below are the conditions to fill in to be able to access to these services. Make sure to choose your providers wisely, according to your needs and budget.

Land lines

Most land lines in Hong Kong are managed by PCCW which is the national service provider. But you can also choose from other land line service providers, namely Hutchison Global Communications (HGC), New World TelecomCity Telecom and One Tel. Note that first time connection is free of charge.

You just have to visit a branch of the service provider of your choice with your identity documents: passport and proof of address. You will then be bound by a 12 to 24 months contract. In case of breach of contract, however, penalty fees apply.

 Good to know:

Local phone calls are free of charge.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone services are provided by PCCW Mobile (CSL), 3 (Three) and SmarTone-Vodafone. Note that you don't have to change your phone number if you decide to switch from your service provider to another. As regards subscription, you just have to visit a branch of your chosen service provider along with your passport and proof of address. But these will not be required if you intend to purchase a prepaid SIM card.


Internet in Hong Kong is fast and reliable. According to Speedtest, the city ranked third for broadband download speed (as average of 142.65 Mbps). However, mobile Internet is still lagging behind with the average download speed of 18.05 Mbps (57th in the world mobile Internet speed ranking).

Internet packages are provided by several phone service providers and are often offered in a convenient package with Internet, mobile and landline all bundled up in one service. Visit your favorite service provider's branch office along with your passport and proof of address to subscribe to an Internet connection. Some of the most popular ISPS include PCCWHong Kong BroadbandPacnet, HKNet and HGC Broadband and others.

Rates vary according to the package and the Internet speed chosen. Moreover, the market's competitiveness is boosted by various campaigns launched by service providers. Do some research on the mobile packages and charges offered by different service providers and choose the one that most fits you needs.


Given that Hong Kong is a very modern city, telecommunication services are also very easily accessible almost everywhere. Hence, you are likely to find Wi-Fi hotspots in many places across the city. Look for a GovWiFi sign — there are around 2,000 spots in over 400 locations across the city — and connect for free.

You can also get WiFi access in almost any coffee shop (some coffee shops require a purchase in order to get access to WiFi), restaurant or hotel in the city and even some means of public transport. Hong Kong Airport, naturally, also offers free WiFi.

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