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If you wish to subscribe to a phone and Internet connection, here is how to proceed.

Nowadays, phone and Internet are almost an essential part of everyday life. So if you are moving to Tunisia, you will probably have to get connected so as to stay in touch with your family and friends. The country has a developed telecommunications network thanks to the presence of several service providers. Take the time to inquire about the services and facilities provided before choosing.

Land line

To subscribe to a land line in Tunisia, you must be in possession of a resident card. Once you have obtained your resident card, you can head towards Tunisie Telecom. In general, you will be required to produce your resident card, a duly filled and signed application form (to be obtained on the spot) and proof of residence.

Your request should be processed within 24 hours. You will then have to go back the next day to sign the subscription contact and pay fees of around 20 dinars.

Thereafter, a technician will call at your place, either for installation or to reactivate a former land line if any. Note that you could probably have to hire an electrician in the case of a new connection. This should cost some 20 dinars more.


Tunisia hosts several Internet service providers, namely Topnet, Hexabyte, Planet and Gnet. You are advised to choose the one providing packages that best suit your needs and budget.

To subscribe, you just have to drop by at the nearest agency to your place of residence. The application form is available on the spot. You will have to produce your identity documents, as well as proof of residence.

Mobile phones

It is recommended to foreign nationals to purchase a new sim card on the spot rather than keeping their foreign phone number. Indeed, international roaming can be very expensive. You can choose among several service providers, namely Ooredoo, Orange Tunisie and Tunisie Telecom.

Sim cards can be purchased at your favorite service provider's agency by producing a copy of your passport or resident card. The application form is available on the spot.

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