Work visas in Morocco


To work in Morocco, you need a residence permit or a resident card. Here is some information on the procedures to follow.

If you plan to settle and work in Morocco, thus staying for more than 3 months, you have to register within 15 days upon arrival on the country. You will have to apply for a residence permit or a resident card with the foreign office of the Commissioner of the Moroccan city in which you intend to settle.

For your first residence permit, the required documents include:

  • Three certified copies of your employment contract;
  • Three certified copies of your passport;
  • Three copies (one of them must be a certified copy) of a lease in the name of the expatriate;
  • Three photocopies (one of them must be a certified copy) of a Lydec contract (or another authority) in the name of the expatriate;
  • If accommodation if provided by the employer, the latter must provide a certificate to confirm he is taking up the housing costs.
  • Two forms of your application for registration (white form) – available and to be filled in at the prefecture;
  • Three registration application forms (printed cardboard form) - available and to be filled in at the prefecture ;
  • 8 passeport-size pictures ;
  • Special stamp receipt of 60 dirhams.

The residence permit is valid for one year, and can be renewed two months before its expiry date. After three years of regular presence on Moroccan territory, you will be eligible to a residence permit valid for 10 years. After filling in the application for a residence permit, you will receive a receipt until your card is issued.


A resident card in required for some services. It allows you for instance to open a bank account in the country. If you are waiting for your card to be delivered, you can use the receipt.

  Good to know:

To obtain a residence permit, proof of sufficient funds is required.

Work permits in Morocco

In Morocco, you must be in possession of legal authorization to work. If you are currently working with a foreign company, the latter must take care of the procedures for your work permits. You will have to register and apply for a resident card.

If you are looking for a job in Morocco, you first need to register, find an employer willing to hire you and apply for a residence permit.

Once you find a job, your employment contract need to be validated by the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and the Department of Employment Service for migrants. You can find more information on the website of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. They will also require your passport, medical certificate of less than a month and all your documents showing your professional skills.

The Directorate of migrants’ employment service will then take into account your employment contract and evaluate the work permit with the National Agency for Employment and Skills. You will then receive a notification, whether positive or negative.

  Useful links:

National Agency for Employment and Skills
Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training of Morocco
Government of Morocco online

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I just got my residency permit. If I find employment here would I also need a work permit?

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Your must have a work contract for migrant according to the Moroccan legislation: Contrat de travail d'étranger This contract is a fixed duration contract that must be validated by the ministry of employment. The dates of start and end of the contract are fixed by the stamps of the ministry,


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