Relocating to Reunion

My name is Esther Francis, I am a registered nurse by profession, I am a Nigerian but Reside in Mauritius.  I am currently working in Mauritius as a Nursing officer but I want to migrate to Reunion and also get a nursing job, please can someone put me through how to go about it, I will really appreciate that.


Esther Francis.
@eamuzie  Hi Esther,
I don't think there is a special immigration program for registered nurse to work in Reunion Island.
As you know, Reunion island is a french territory and immigration Laws are very strict.
I know that there are some kind of exchange programs between french hospitals and hospitals abroad for temporary exchange if you speak french ?
What about Canada ? There are temporary programs for nurses. They hire a lot abroad because there is a lack of nurses and you don't need to speak french except in Québec.
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@organza please can you put me through on how to migrate to Canada or other European countries plssssss

@organza please can you put me through on how to migrate to Canada or other European countries plssssss

- @eamuzie

Before posting please check the dates. This is a really old inactive thread.
To find the information you require just go to the Canada section of the forum and read posts there.
There is also a very informative section The Canada Guide found under Discover at the top of the  page. in The Canada section.

Have you tried a Google search for work?
@eamuzie Hi, sorry I don't have further information except for Canada : you have to check the free IRCC official government website. You will find further free information (be careful with any other paid website) .
Good luck !


I want to relocate to Reunion IsLand. Could you help me?

Hello Knagamany,

Try posting an advert and your CV in the Jobs in Reunion Island section. If an employer has an offer for you, it will be easier to move there. Without a job contract, it will be difficult.