Speaking English

Hello everyone,

I'm Raissa , I've lived and traveled many times to Australia and I've been working as an esl teacher since being back to Reunion. However, it is very difficult to maintain a good level of English, living in a French speaking country! Do you know if there are like little meetups in the islands ? I know it's difficult to meet at the moment, maybe after lockdown! I live in St Denis,
Thanks a lot!

Raissa :)

Hi Raissa ,

If I move to reunion as I plan in October, I'll reach out to you here

I have lived in the uk for 12 years and also lived in Australia
I'd be happy to have English conversation with you
If I come around soon

Have a great day

Hi Raissa
Its a pity your in Saint Denis i am in saint pierre and would love to meet someone to spk English with

Hello Raissa,

Hope you are well? my name is Belinda , l am an early childhood educator.

l was wondering is it possible to get a  teaching job in reunion island since your teaching there.

or what can you advice?

Kind regards,


Hi !
Well, let's plan something when we can move around as we want to again! I'm sure we could all meet for lunch or a picnic :)

Hi Belinda !

Well, I have my own teaching company and one day I'd love to hire native speakers 🤞🏽
I'm sure you could apply in different English schools (mainly in the west and south of the island). Then, Depending on your diploma you it might be possible to apply for a language assistant job in high school or university.

Hope this helps!

Hi Raissa,

Thank you for the response l appreciate,  in your teaching company which teachers are you employing and for what levels? currently l am in Kenya l would really appreciate if you guide me on how to go about it.


Hi I am Inga Flaminga and me and my family are coming to stay innla Reunion from june 29 to sept 18 2022.

If you would like to do fun things and practise your Emglish while helping us with our French that would be fun I think!

Hope to hear from you.

Greetings! inga


@Jav 786 hi . I just move to Saint-Pierre with my family and I miss speaking English since I lived in the Netherlands and Australia for a while. Where do you live in Saint-Pierre?

Hi everyone !

I live here in réunion island and I would like to practice english with someone… I need to improve my english.

If you are new here, have some difficulties in french I can help you too :D. And if you just want to speak english I'm here !

I speak English as a first language and can help. I need to learn French