How to make friends in the Reunion Island

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in the Reunion Island :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in the Reunion Island??

Thanks in advance for your participation

good evening,

how come nobody replied?  :(
The whole island is favourable to make friends for those who want to ! :par:

what do you think about it?


Hi, as mostly visited my country and we are so closed. They nice peoples .Looking for good friend

To make friends, you just have to make the first step :lol:

Been here officially since three months and as I don't work, don't know many people. Pretty much alone here.

Maybe start posting here or create a new topic.
I don't know if you speak french but some Expat.comgers often plan meetings. Or you should make a call to invite some of them, choose a date and a place. And see if they'll be in.
Good luck and maybe you'll find lots of friends and love if u don't have... :D

I did actually make a new post about two weeks ago in the English blog and I  the french blog as I speak both languages. No one replied, I have the love, I am married with a beautiful four year old, we just want to make some friends ;)

In the french section, tap words like "pique-nique", "sorties"... (in forum part). And add a new message. I know there are categories like jobs, forum, guide but i don't know if there is a "hangout" category.

       New here looking out some new friends anyone interested  please let me know

vvaru68 wrote:

       New here looking out some new friends anyone interested  please let me know

Dear Sir,

I am Kevin living in Sri-Lankan, i would like to meet some Indians / Sri-lankans frieidns
and to get more information and guidance about re-unioun island

can you please help me

Hello Kevin,

You have a Tamil community in Réunion island, try to search in forums writing 'tamil' or 'tamoul' (french word for tamil, in the french version of forum). Or 'indian' / 'indian'...

Good luck in your future endeavours

Hi am swaheen from mauritius. looking for friends on reunion island.preferable from age 60 to 65. By the way am 60

I'm looking to make new friends too on réunion island.....I live on et Philippe commune....welcome

@mel_motur can we makes a friend  cus i will be relocating  to reunion  island probably  at the end of this month

Yes sure
Am lorenzo 38years old from Italy
And you?
Where are you from?

Yes sure
Where are you from?
Hello everyone,

This discussion dates back to quite a few years.

If you want to make new friends and socialise, I would suggest that you create a new discussion. You can probably share a particular hobby or interest of yours in order to find like-minded people in Réunion.

Best of luck

Djameel Team I what to make friend here

Hello mygussie2019,

Ok but you are not in Reunion Island ... What are you plans regarding the island ?



I am planning to come over and reside over there, if I will be giving a resident permit

Hello yes, I have replied on the other thread : … 37#5636946

Back to the topic on making friends, it is easy to make friends if you learn french.



@Bhavna i am from Nigeria living in Reunion, i would like to make friends, thanks