Is it wrong to move to South Korea just to date Korean boys?

Are Korean boys untrustworthy to other country girls?
The question is not whether it's wrong or right, but rather what 'lack' in your life would bring you to such an idea that  fantasy "sex tourism", whether for a week or two years, will fulfill you in any real way.  100% it won't. This is why overconsumption of commercialism/escapism can be an evil. Focus on your education, career goals and esp. family goals at home, don't run away from your responsibilities, let meaningful things be your preoccupation. 
If you are white, there is a Korean target for many Korean boys called "riding the white horse".

You do the math.

A friend from Malaysia did date Korean men, she said they spent more time on makeup than her. She ended up with a Malaysian after those experiments.

Issue is mixed race chikdren are bullied in Korea, badly. Most only have one son and if they marry a foreigner they can be unfriendly.

Of course some manage it, but remember a daughter in law is expected to NOT work and look after in laws and children. Often it is easier for a Korean woman with a foreign man (but kids still get bullied).
why it would be wrong?

@conkerworld Personally I have done all of the above, many, many times. I've dated thousands of humans, been in serious relationships with hundreds of humans, and married or been engaged to marry dozens of times to humans. And from many, many different countries, continents, and basically worlds. There is a HUGE variety of issues that exist, depending on the individual person. First of all you're dealing with the term relationship which is a pandora's box even if you're only dealing with people from your own nationality, city, community, even family. Aside from relationship already being a loaded issue, now you want to deal with culture shock on top of that? But aside from the usual drama associated with even a normal relationship, and aside from all the dynamics of culture shock, if we're not also discussing the dynamics of age difference, religious differences, political difference, personality differences, possibility of physical issues such as mental disabilities (even those which the person doesn't even know they have; not yet diagnosed; not yet displayed or developed), then if we just ignore all those land mines, and focus on one difference: nationality which is also in this case a MAJOR geographical difference as well (lets ignore differences between weather/climate differences between two different places on the planet and normal events such as Typhoons, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, famines, pestilence, heat waves, humidity, ice storms, blizzards, sand storms, etc) then I would say first of all recognize that all people on the planet are human, at their basic core they have all of the same emotions, basic needs and desires, and limitations (everybody is born with an empty brain and requires education to determine any difference between immaturity and maturity, self dependence and dependence, wisdom and mistakes, etc). They need love but also therefore would equally perhaps respond to love which means they can be approached if shown love. For example a dog might bite you no matter how much you love it, if that dog isn't yet accustomed to you reaching towards it. However, is somehow you can convey to the dog that you love it, and that you mean no harm, then probably the dog will allow you to touch it. Humans are not much different from animals in that regard, we're fearful, not telepathic, and can panic. Also, some animals no matter how much you can successfully convey your love, and harmlessness, will still eat you, for example many predatory animals such as tigers, lions, bears, and killer whales have killed (and sometimes eaten) a longtime owner, trainer, savior, friend. But is this behavior any different in people in your own hometown, how they react to one another? Not really. And so I would say, treat humans as humans, expect humans to act and react as humans have always acted and reacted for many thousands of years. Another reason why learning history is so valuable. History helps us to predict what humans will do next. Psychology is also another wonderful study, very fascinating; there's no end to the depths of human behavior and all its reasons and facets. In closing, I would remind the rising generations that if you've never dated and merely marry the first person you encounter, you might make a terrible mistake. Dating is very important when done safely, correctly, in a healthy manner, because it helps you know more about other people so that you know which type of person is good for you. I didn't say BEST, or RIGHT, because there is no such person, everyone has flaws, everyone is human, and even the BEST and RIGHT person won't prevent you from having bad moments in your relationship, often the only thing that prevents divorce, murder, disaster, etc in a marriage is the person's commitment to the marriage itself instead of to their spouse. Hence it's a commitment, even more than the matter of love, even more than the matter of attraction, and definitely NOT a matter of convenience. Marriage is work. And so, to ensure that it's the BEST situation possible, do lots of dating to ensure you marry a person who is LEAST horrible and hopefully will be somewhat tolerable. Don't ask God to give you a PERFECT anything... because if you're a mortal human like the rest of us, you cannot keep up with PERFECT. And so it's better to simply ask for "normal" or the LEAST horrible. And you'll still have lots of fun, lots of joy, many wonderful experiences, in spite of all the thorns in this rose garden we call life. Nobody notices the thorns, you quickly forget about the thorns and the bleeding, if you continue to focus on the good things, the rose blossoms, which far outweigh the tiny thorns. The character in Patch Adams played by Robin Williams, said it best, look around the obstacles, not at them. There is almost always a way around every obstacle, try to go around it, try to focus on solutions instead of on the problem. Get out there and live your life. You cannot live without living. Get out there and take a risk. But be wise, try to avoid disaster, there are many examples/people/stories/history/experts all around us to help us know which ways are the LEAST horrible and are tolerable and might turn out to be good. Arm yourself with education. And enjoy life!