Crafting in South Korea

Hello everyone,

Discovering and participating in the artisan culture  in South Korea  is an opportunity not only to enrich your personal knowledge, but also to forge authentic connections with the locals. More than just a hobby, it is a gateway to integration and a deep understanding of the traditions that shape the cultural identity of South Korea, making your own experience more meaningful.

What opportunities are available for residents to participate in workshops or training in South Korea? Are there any places or occasions to learn or practice local crafts?

What craft practice have you had the opportunity to try or would you like to try? What were your impressions?

How has discovering and participating in the local artisan traditions enriched your experience as an expat?

What challenges have you faced in trying to get involved in the artisanal culture of your host country? How have local artisans welcomed your interest in their traditional crafts?

What advice would you give to expats who want to explore craft culture in South Korea ?

If you have any other relevant information on the local artisan culture, please feel free to share it.

Thank you for your contribution.

The Team