Getting Temporary Residency

Should I use a local solicitor to assist me and my wife get temporary residency or is it easy to do it yourself?
Lawyers will be expensive for this ..... It can be easy to do yourself once you know what they immigration dept are now demanding.... And you collate the information and documentary evidence to support your application..... However it can be stressful...

People who can help you with immigration

Lawyer Esme Palas (Michael Kyprianou lawyers)

Natasha Maria at Costa Rica Tavern Chloraka … 159854347/

Gwennys Red Tape Services... … 449883995/

There is another one that I know of  who specialises in non-EU and wil post that when I remember her name ... UPDATE
Elena Mala ..

and whilst using a lawyer or one of the assisters above  comes at a cost they can arrange the immigration appointment, appointment with the bank and provided all the necessary information and advice needed together with a list of all documentation needed for immigration and bank etc. And conveyancing if required.  It can make a big difference to stress levels and anxiety .... Some will even do all of this remotely but you must attend the actual application appointment interview in person ... The assisters are usually considerably cheaper to engage
Toon, thanks I will bookmark this. Really helpful