Nurse from Non Eu in the Netherlands

Hello is there someone Who is from non Eu country and work as Nurse here in the Netherlands?
I would like to know where you send the diploma for recognition?
Can you give more info about the Akv test and BI exams?

Hi Mkarine,
Im at the same situation with you.. if you are a nurse from your country and you want to apply it here in the netherlands you have to submit it first to the IDW (Internationale Diplomawaardering) there they will evaluate your diploma to find out the equivalent of your diploma.. like my situation, i have to go back to school for another 2 years if i want to apply it here. But before that you have to take exams like B1 or B2 examen “staatsexamen”. And if your profession is under medical field you also need to do the AKV toets (general Knowledge & skill test). If you pass it then youll be allowed to work here as “…”
Hope it could help you.

And i think you need to take the B2 examen. Because verpleegkundige beroep is under HBO. For the AKV toets you need to have at least A2 & B1 level in english language same in dutch language. For B1 you need to go for a lesson before you take the exam.. it consists spreken, lezen, luisteren & schrijven.

Hello did you do the akv exams and BI? Is it the IDw who ask you to take 2 years more courses or it was your choice. I have not done staatsexam yet. I thought when you did akv you dont need to do staatsexam.

IDW is where you going to submit your school diploma. They going to evaluate it. They will see if you could work as a nurse in the Netherlands or you still need to study for certain of years in nursing.

To take the akv test and B1 is mandatory if you really want to pursue your profession here in the netherlands.

Hi Grace,

I would like to ask, why do you have to go back to school for another 2 years? I assume you finished BS Nursing. Does this mean, you have to study in NL for those 2 years. I am asking because I have a sister who had her diploma evaluated with IDW and she got a HBO equivalent but they indeed mentioned that she should have a good command of Dutch language and register with BIG. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi miss Nini, maybe your sister is already a licensed nurse before she came to the Netherlands thats why she doesn't need to go back to school here anymore. In my situation i only have my diploma but apparently im not a fully pledged nurse. And i think that's our differences. But i will try to clarify about that to the DUO. Because the info that we read into their website is a general information. For those like me who has different situation is maybe an exception. So now im trying to do everything by steps.